What You Won't Do For Love


If you every been in love, then you should know that love can or will make you do some strange things. It will make you wake up three O clock in the morning and drive over four hours just to be with the one you love. It will also make buy tickets to fly cross country just to be with the one you love. Why do these things? Because there is no better feeling than being in love, even if its with the wrong person. Yes loving someone that's not right for you can be stressful or like my best friend would say, Take some years off of your life. But once you had that feeling, you will do almost anything to feel that way again. Why do you think internet dating or reality shows that feature love or couples are so popular?
 I remember my first time being in love, it was with an older woman, she was about twenty years old and I was only seventeen. If I remembered correctly she was the first woman I ever made love too or thought I did anyway. Being seventeen years old, I am pretty sure I didn't know what I was doing in the first place.(smile) All I knew was it felt good and it also felt good knowing that someone loved me. That quickly changed, after my mother found out that her oldest son was in love. One day after school I was sitting at the kitchen table with a huge grin on may face and my mother said, Chucky why are you is such a good mood? I kind of blushed and said nothing momma. The she looked at me under her glasses and said My baby has a girlfriend and is in love. Then my brothers and sisters said, Owe! Chucky is in love! Then I said no I am not! Then my sister(the little rat) said, Yes you are I saw you kissing her when you got off the bus. Then my mother said to me, So Chuck when are we going to meet this woman? Very soon after that I brought my girlfriend over to meet my mother. I was so proud, because even at the age of seventeen I thought I found the one. So I introduced my girlfriend to my mother and then my mother called me to the back of the house. She said, Chuck as long as you live don't bring trash into my house, you know you can do better than that. I was hurt and couldn't believe my mother felt this way about a woman that I was in love with. Very soon after my mothers statement I found out that she was telling the truth and that this girl really wasn't the type of woman to build a future with. This reminds me of an old statement I used to hear as a child, No one knows a man better than a man and no one knows a woman better than a woman. Which brings me to the topic of the week, What you won't do for love. This letter comes from a disgusted parent, who happens to have a daughter that is in love with a man that the mother doesn't approve of.

Hi Chuck,  I just found out that my daughter who is 25 yrs old has co signed for a vehicle for her boyfriend whose credit is JACKED UP.  I told her she needs to get out of my house if she wants to take care of a man.  She is very naive and I just can't get through to her that there are things you just don't do for a man if he is not married to you.  She is just opening a wide door to be used.  There are other things that she has done for him that is just stupid and could affect her credit.  Was I wrong?
Hello Disgusted,
I pray that you and your family are doing well. But putting your daughter out because she co-signed for her boyfriend is really extreme. I know you might not approve of her actions, but putting her out will not solve your problem or make her understand where you are coming from. Sometimes we have to let our children fail or fall, just so they will know what we are talking about. If you put her out then the worse may happen. She could get pregnant or even something worse could happen. As hard as this may sound, let your daughter learn on her own that loving someone doesn't always require co-signing or providing for them financially. Its better to let them learn than to push them deeper in the arms of someone you know isn't good enough for them.
Good luck to you and your daughter,


Anonymous said…
Thanks Chuck, your response was a confirmation to the release I received in my spirit. I really saw myself and didn't like it. Repentance is really good for the soul. -No Longer Disgusted

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