Why Are You Still Single?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, Why am I single? Why am I not married to the man or woman of my dreams? Or have you asked yourself these series of very personal questions, What's wrong with me? Why can't I seem to keep or attract a good man or woman? How many times do I have to break up with someone or how many time must I get married then divorce before I finally get it right? And the most important question of them all is, Where are all the good men or women? If you are like most single people, then you would have come to believe that there are no good men or women out there. Its gotten so bad that these days , men and women are now divided into groups of none believers. One group (the men) saying that the only way to find a good woman these days, is by going out of the country to find a suitable mate or spouse. On the other hand there is a large group of women who feel that good men are so rare or hard to find that many of them are considering going celibate and won't date at all. The question I have for both the single men or women is, Have you guys really looked into the mirror and examined yourself? Really have you? The reason why I asked this question is because sometimes the reason why certain people haven't found true love is because of their own issues or personal problems. Many single people have unresolved issues from their past, but still try get involved in new relationships. For those who don't have those type of problems, the reason maybe because of their high expectations. Many men or women expect perfection, even though they have a lot of flaws themselves. The question I have for you, if you happen to be divorced or single, Why are you still single? Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that there are really no good men or women and if so is that the real reason why you are still single? Please write in, express your thoughts or opinions on the subject and in my next blog I will give my away my secrets to making your marriage or relationship a success.


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