Fed Up!

If you ever been in a bad relationship or marriage, then chances are you understand the term Fed up.( Sick and tired of being tired) You know when you are just tired of giving your spouse chance after chance. Why? Because you are tired of them playing the same old games and repeating the same old lies. Or could it be that you are tired of their jealousy or their insecurities. It sad when a grown man or woman can't even go to the store, the mall, out of your house or apartment or even to your own parents house without reporting in to them like you are a child. What's even worse is when your man or woman times you to see how long it takes for you to make it home from work or school and when you get in they are asking you where have you been or what took you so long? Then there are some who even have the nerve to go through your wallet , purse, computer or cell phone searching for some incriminating evidence. Looking all through your closet, dresser draws, under your bed and even search through your trash. I have heard stories that some men or women enlist their friends as spies to check up on their spouse or mate. Then there are others who Google you, Face book and then Twitter you searching the world wide web . Like they are the Police or C.S.I! (Smile) It makes you want to ask them, What, you don't trust me or is it that you don't trust yourself? What ever the problem is brother or sister we are fed up! That's right Fed up! Stop acting like a little boy or girl and stop acting like the world revolves around you. Its not our fault that your ex-man or woman hurt you, so get over it or you will always be alone. Its really sad that a man or a woman can't even go to sleep without someone trying to interpret their dreams. You feel them staring at you so you wake up and say, What? That's right stop asking questions, because if you really want to know the truth, its women or men just like you that keeps men or women like me single. We don't want to hear about how bad someone else hurt you and we don't care about your past. So when we are out on a date , in a relationship or a marriage stop talking about your ex. Why? Because its you we are married to, in a relationship with or dating. So get over it, because its a big turn off! Are you fed up? I know I am! Write in, then express your thoughts or views on the subject.



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