I Want To Be Your?

Its is said that for every man, there is a woman and behind every great man there is a great woman. Every man or woman despite their love for the single life, would love to find that one that was created especially for them. No man or woman wants to live their life alone and even those who enjoy playing the field would love to find that one man or woman that have the qualities of the many that they are playing. My mother would always say, Even the fast must slow down .There is a time when every man or woman must grow up and stop playing games. The truth is everyone wants to belong to someone and there is something special when you are able to say, this is my man, my woman, my husband or my wife. What makes this even more special is when the person you love wants to be called those things and really want to be someone's man or woman. Which brings this to the topic of the week, I want to be your man. This letter comes from the cold state of Michigan, where a young man has met a woman over the internet. They have been talking , texting, writing e-mails for over three years. Over the three year period they met in person and fell in love. Every time they are together neither one of them want to leave each others side. But there is one hugh problem, he lives in Michigan and she lives in Florida. Which makes this a long distant relationship, which in most cases are impossible to work. But this young man wants to make the ultimate sacrifice he is willing to move to make this relationship work.

What's up Chuck!
How have you been doing? My girl has told me a lot about your blog and man I am glad she did! You give a guys perspective about life and I really appreciate that. Funny though because I know she is going to read this blog and I know after she finds out she will probably kill me. Lol. But anyway, man I have been kind of  dating my girl for over 3 years and to a man, I must say that I love her. Here in Michigan, the women are money hungry, but I was blessed with a southern girl, that can cook better than my Mom, clean a house better than myself and has a good heart. Everyday, she wakes me up in the morning with a call or a text just to tell me she loves me and when I am feeling low she always says something to make my day. She is every mans dream a freak in the sheets and a lady in the outside world. Man I can't find a woman here that even comes close to my baby and that is why I am thinking about moving down south to be with my girl. I  really feel like I want to be her husband, her man. Moving away from my home town is kind of scary, some of my kin folks and friends are trying to talk me out of it. I have a lot to loose and plenty to gain and I really need an outside opinion. Question, do you think I am making the right choice or am I moving to fast?
Adam B.

Adam, I was always told by my mother or father to always follow my heart and when it comes to love, that is has no bounds. In other words if you really love her and she feels the same take a chance !Why ? Because you only live once and you may never get that chance again. After all she might be exactly what you have been looking for and there are a lot of people in the world that date , then marry or get into relationships with the wrong people. You might as well take a chance, on one what could be a sure thing or the right one. Its my strongest opinion that when two people really love each other and feel that they belong together that they should do what ever it takes to be together for as long as they both shall live. Always remember this, you can live almost anywhere in the world, own many material things, but true love is precious or rare and very hard to find when you find it never let go. Good luck to you Adam and I pray that your relationship is everything that you dreamed or hoped for. Last but not least tell your woman how you really feel and never skip a moment to tell her how special she really is to you. Tell her that you want to be her friend, lover, man and husband forever. Its easy as saying I Want To Be Your? Write me and tell me how things are working out.



Deedy said…
Hi Adam, I agree with my writing partner, you don't want to be one that let that godd thing get away. If you know deep in your heart that you have always prayed for a woman of her character, qualitites, and caliber, why should you doubt about the move. One thing is that if God has blessed for this woman to cross your path, why deny yourself of what you be hoping and praying for. I pray the best for the two of you, don't be scaredddddddddddd, take a chance on the love of your life and make it happen. Good luck too you, all is well that ends well. You'll be just fine.

Be Blessed


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