Stop Falling For the Okey Dokey!!

Good Evening Readers, after responding to a question from one of our readers, it inspired me to ask this question.  Now this does not pertain to any particular sex because just as women or vulnerable men are also vulnerable creatures as well.  My question is why do we always fall for the okey dokey?  Is it because we don’t like the feeling of being alone, is it because when those holiday seasons rolls around you feel awkward, is it because you miss those sexual healing episodes, just what is the reason?  It takes me back to when I was married to this man who I felt that completed me.  I mean this man use to make my toes curl, made ever part of me just melted like warm butter.  I mean even when we had our close encounters; the whole world was blocked out from our episodes.  I use too love to hear him moan, and call my name.  I thought we were speaking Chinese, he use to tell me how he wanted to please me over and over.  Newsflash, I was not the only one my ex-husband was having these close encounters of the third kind with. I thought him making me feel so complete; he was completing someone else as well. Until finding out about his dirty little secrets; and hidden agendas, over and over.  Finding out I was not the only one he wanted to fill his sexual desires with was just an okey dokey.  When I found out I was not the only one he pleasing over and over, I took it to another level.  No, I did not cheat are anything like that.  I waited until God allowed me to walk away from the marriage I left without any regrets.  My dreams were shattered, I felt like I was used, and violated by my husband of 13 years. When I got tired of playing the okey dokey game with him, I had to make a decision.  Whether I was going to continue to live a lie, or was I going to continue to let him manipulate my life and feel less than what I was suppose too be the woman he took as his wife.

What I realize is that most men and women feel to believe that living in a situation like that can just blow over smoke, but eventually you get tired of the bull crap. Once you get tired of all the lies and you are not pleased by the one who suppose too love you as much as you love them, you forget sometimes just what you need and suppose to have in a relationship. Your smile has faded away, your moans turn to weeping nights, and your nights of pleasure turn to nights of feeling violated. You notice the difference of that special someone does not make you feel just right anymore, the rhythm of your love making is like a stranger in your bed.  Your mood starts to change, your heart and mind is on another planet.  You don’t have to continue to fall for the okey dokey, because if you continue to except less than what you suppose to have nothing will ever feel just right.  If you want to feel just right, you have to do want right for you.  Stop  Falling For The Okey Dokey!!
Just Take It All In Stride,


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