The Neighborhood Nobody Knows Or Cares About

Imagine if you woke up or was born in a world that was always at war. Drive by shootings , mass murder, theft , rape and every crime known to man being committed on the daily basis. Imagine streets covered or littered with trash. Homes or apartment buildings infested with rats and roaches or abandon buildings being used as crack houses or whore houses used for prostitution. On every corner, there is a gang member, drug dealer or liquor store. Police only patrol or drive by only when a crime is being committed or when they need to meet their quotas while writing traffic tickets or citations. When a crime or a murder has been committed they come in large numbers and even if you haven't committed a crime, but fit the description,you will be face down or shackled by police like a criminal. In these neighborhoods, hoods, ghettos or trailer parks these things are normal. Its a normal thing for a child or an adult to witness a crime on a daily basis and no one is ever shocked when someone gets murdered. In fact in some neighborhoods when someone gets into a fight or even shot, all the people in the neighborhood comes out to watch like its an a event. To many who live there fighting, killing or murder is just like a sport. Thugs or so called gangsters brag or laugh about the crime to their family or friends. Some are so bold that they even post their crimes on Face book, Twitter and even You Tube.

Men or women drive by in their old school cars with twenty five or twenty six inch wheels, blaring their music sky high and walking around with expensive athletic shoes with their pants hanging down. Some do drugs in public or broad day light and commit their crimes for everyone to see. The good people who live there are in fear and helpless to do anything about it. Why? Because even when one makes a phone call to the local police station it could take hours before one makes an appearance. Many simply can't afford or don't have the resources to move out of the ghetto because of their income. In most of the homes there are single parent females or a rare male that's left alone to raise their children. Education is some cases are frowned on and for some children only the lure of making fast money as a drug dealer, rapper or criminal is in their future. Why? Because their father, mother and their family members grew up to be criminals or so called gangsters. After all no one can choose where they were born or where they come from. Forget about what they see or hear on television because to some children its worlds away or a fantasy. Besides that, nobody in the outside world knows or cares about the ghetto. No one cares that everyday a young man, woman or child are being murdered or raped. In fact even though there is an election no candidate is speaking out or trying to change the lives of the people that are poor or live in the ghetto. Its the neighborhoods that nobody knows or cares about and many who live there want to know why? Write in , then express your thoughts, opinion or views on the subject.


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