Tired Of All The Games?

Before I start with my journal, I would like to thank all of my readers from all over the world. Your comments and your letters have been an inspiration. Please keep them coming because, they keep me thinking and the more I think, the more I write. (smile) This journal I am about to share with you are thoughts of a man that's tired of the games that some women play. After reading this particular letter it really inspired me. Why? Well as a man I have always heard or been the brunt of women thoughts. I would always hear statements from women constantly criticizing men and blaming us for their problems. There are even some women that would go so far as saying men are the main reason why they act or behave in a certain manner. When I think about this last statement, all I can say is, Really? Are men the real problem here? Are men the only ones that play games with peoples heart or emotions and not women? Are men only after sex or what they can get?(After all I happen to know lots of women that only want sex or money and not a real relationship) Do most or all men intentionally try to hurt women? Are men the true inventors of the so called game?

 My answer to these questions is No not all men and most men do want a real relationship. Yes there are many that want a real commitment, but just like the men that may be playing games, there are many women playing those very same games everyday. When it come to game or as people would say these days, running game men aren't the only ones that play them. As a matter of fact women play them to, many of them do it very well, are experts or pros and most play it better than men. Yes, ladies this might come a shock or surprise to many of you, but I have been on the end of many who have played with my emotions, heart , money and yes there are some who only wanted me for my body or sex. ( Talking about how bowlegged I was or how beautiful my smile is.) Yes, there are some women out there that only want a man for his body and even though men are men, none would admit or don't want to be viewed only as a sex object. No man wants to be used for his money (Even if they may make a lot of money) and none want to be viewed as a meal ticket. Most men are like myself proud, a little stubborn and most won't admit that some woman broke their hearts. Ladies are you Tired Of All The Games? I hear you but News flash! If you are tired of men playing games with your heart, it shouldn't surprise you that men are tired too. Yes men are tired of being compared to your past, tired of your false expectations, tired of the lies or mind games and tired of the silly games that are being played with their hearts. Question, Tired Of All The Games? Then its about time men and women alike stop playing games with each others heart. Write in and express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


Anonymous said…
In the days and times we live in, playing game seems like the norm. Some don't know no other way. To use a person for personal gain and not care how your actions affect another is just "low down". Personally I haven't really experienced the game playing since I am very cautious and I can pick up on things quickly. There are some people who will deal with the game playing since they don't want a committed relationship. A person who uses people to get money, sex, and personal gain is one who has something missing in their lives so these actions fills a temporary void for awhile but later they fill empty and are continually trying to find something else to fill that void again. Bottomline, unhappy people hurt people. So a player will eventually get played which means what goes around comes around or you reap what you sow. Women will get tired of men and men will get tired of women, it will always be a vicious cycle until we all take a good look at ourselves and stop pointing the finger at each other. Lynette

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