Truth Or Deception ?

Relationships can be difficult even in the most ideal of circumstances or situations and relationships can quickly become a source of anxiety or despair when issues of trust, betrayal, lies and conflict arise. Some people experience love as a game to be played with other people’s emotions. Behind every pretty smile, handsome or pretty face carries a secrete that only the person or persons you are interested in knows about. When meeting someone new these thoughts or questions always creep into a persons mind especially if the person you are interested in happens to be a very attractive, Christan, successful single man or woman. What are they hiding or is he or she lying to me? Why are they still single? What caused their latest breakup or divorce? Can I really trust this person or are they just like everyone else? What are their motives and out of all the men or women in the world, why are they suddenly attracted or interested in me? Do they have a secrete boyfriend or girlfriend or are they married and if so are they only with me just to get back at their lover, husband or wife? Could this really be the man or woman that I prayed for or are they just like the rest? What are they really after? Does this person only want my body, money, want me to take care of them or am I just another conquest, notch on their belt, purse strings or bragging rights for their male or female friends ? If this man or woman is as good as they appear to be or as they say they are, why have they been single or divorced for so long? Can I trust them around my children, family or friends? What deep secretes or sins are they hiding? Are they crazy, dangerous, have a criminal or mental history and if so should I fear for my life? Because I  know that you don't want to become another, victim or story for the next Life Time television story. These questions must be answered or found out some how before any serious consideration begins. After all even when it comes to dating or planning a future with someone you may one day fall in love with, one can never be to careful .The question is how do you know the difference or determine between the Truth Or Deception? The only true answer that can be given is by trusting your instincts, remembering your past experiences or mistakes, then recognizing the warning signs, trusting your mind and not your heart. Food for thought finding out what you may want to know, can't be found on Facebook or any other social site, it can only be found in the real world where some where there is a line between the truth and a lie. Truth or Deception? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Co-written by,
Chuck & Diane


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