What Road Do I Choose-Let It Go!!

                                              “What Road Do I Choose, Let It Go”

“I am saved so why am I going through.”  This thought just ran through my mind while I was writing a paper for my Criminal Justice class.  It brought me back to the conversation I had with my girlfriend about three weeks ago.  It’s funny how God can sometimes deposit something into your spirit when He wants you to share a message.  What is the scenario I’m trying to speak upon, about three weeks ago my girlfriend and myself was having a discussion.  She was explaining to me about a problem she was having with this gentlemen that she is dating.  I listen to ever word she said, and did not say a word until she came to the end of her sermon.  The most striking thing about my friend is that she knows the word of God, what his will is for her life, and ask me this pressing question, “what am I doing wrong, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, I just don’t know what road to go down anymore.”  In such awe at what she communicated to me, I did not mumble a word, I was in complete silence. 

I started thinking to myself, Lord please help my friend, what has become of her.  She sighed to me, Diane did you hear just what I spoke to you.  Now, she knows me very well and what prompt her to find out whether I was listening to what she was saying, her response to me was I’m surprised you are not saying anything, fusing at me, what is wrong with you.  My response to her was what is wrong with you.  The reason I responded in that manner is because she already knows she really was going to get a lecture from me.  Let me set the tone for you, maybe you have been down this same road, leading toward this road, on the road, are can’t make up your mind to get off this road.  Now, let me explain this road.  My girlfriend went through a lot in her past relationships that brought much heartache, at times left her feeling unbalance.  Recently she separated from her husband in the process of getting a divorce; this has been going on for about two years now.  She has been dating this guy and been acting in an unfashionable manner with this guy.  My words to her was to take her time, stop doing duties like he’s your husband, stop letting him make your feel responsible for his short-comings, and a bunch of other petty childlike manner crap.  She said girlfriend your right, I just don’t know what he wants from me. 

Stop! Pause! for a minute!! Are you kidding me, I know she did not just say what he wants.  Ladies and gentlemen don’t get me wrong, I love my friend as a sister, but when you’re talking like your mind is on cloud nine, your heading down the same road that you left in the past.  I explained to her that you never open up another door until you completely shut the other door.  She told me she did close the other door.  In honesty she really didn’t because she was still married, and instead of allowing God to work her situation out, I’m not talking about reconciliation because evidentially that is not what her and the husband want to do, but what I was talking about as I explained to her, letting herself heal from her past hurts, and getting her mind in order.  What I notice her behavior was leading her back down that same road, I aksed her why did she just hopped in the driver seat, took full control, running stop signs, caution lights, yield signs, red lights, and the main sign she should have paid more visibility to was the U-turn sign, she just siad I don't know.  I explained to her she was heading back down the same road.  She said I prayed and asked God to deliver me from my past, but feel like he is not listening to me.  I asked her was she patient enough to hear what God was tellig her by given her all those warning signs.  What is the message I’m delivering to the readers of Q&A With Chuck; don’t cry foul ball, when you have been the one controlling the game in the beginning! 

Whatever pitches you throw, you definitely better know how to catch each ball you dispatch.  My grandmother use to always tell her grandchildren, “It takes a hard head to make a soft behind.”   My grandmother was a very wise women, she has a saying for anything and everything. So this is my plea to each of you, why would you go back down the same road, and continue to drive down the same road, running into the same warnings, cautions, red lighst, and stop signs that you just escaped from.  Either you glutting for punishment, or you taking the easy way out.  Just thinking about what my friend shared with me allows me to share these words of ponder with you.  “IF YOU HEAD CAN’T LISTEN, YOU BUTT WILL CERTAINLY FEEL.” Just meditate on those words, and after you finish reading this blog, let me know you reply to my statement.  If there is nothing else you remember after reading this blog, I want you to remember this.  The most dominant though is the one that gets played in life.  Your mind should forever be up-reaching, elevating toward the most power force and thought pattern you could ever mustard.  You should always elevate your mind to be powerful, confident, strong, good and giving, because the order of your thinking should not be set on what you think is best, but what God continues to show you what is best.  These words of inspiration let them meditate on your thinking the next time you try things your way.  

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.   

Be Blessed



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