Can't Get You Off Of My Mind

Have you ever met someone that was so special or unique, that not matter what has happened in your life that you will never forget them? Have you seen a face or a figure that impressed so much that is had you wondering or thinking that they could be the one? Lets face it, there are some smiles or personalities that are truly different from others. Once you have met or encountered this type of person, then they start invading your thoughts and become a figure head in your dreams.Why? Because even though you only been with them or been around them for a brief moment they touched your heart and your life has changed forever. It doesn't matter where you been or who you may be with at this moment , no one compares to the one that have touched your heart forever. Now they may have moved or live in another state or city none of this matters because ,you can't get them off of your mind.

 As you read this, ask yourself these questions, have you forgotten your first, kiss, first love or the very first time you made love? Your high school sweetheart or for the men or the ladies your babies daddy or mother? I know for some who may read this last question, their answer would be," Yes I forgot about my babies daddy or mother because he wasn't much of a father or mother anyway". To those men or women I completely understand!(smile)Because every man or woman alive have had some bad memories, from our previous relationships or marriages. But I am not talking about him or her being a father or mother, I am talking about the moments that led up to you both creating your very first child. Wasn't that special? To some the last one that was made, the baby boy or the baby girl is the special one. Even though you might not have feelings for them today, you will never forget those special moments, before you knew he or she was insane or crazy. (smile) Yes we all have had our share of love or hate relationships. Some were very special and others even though at times there were good moments, most of try our best to forget. Even though they are no longer in our lives, they are not very far from our hearts or our minds. Can't get them thoughts off of our minds, out of our hearts and dreams even if we tried. Write in, then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


Anonymous said…
Charles somethings a better left in the past...
Miss Yvette said…
The best thing a person can do is think of the good that was in those relationships even though they didn't work out. We alwasy focus on why they ended instead of why this person was so special for a while.

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