Nothing Compares To You

Love is a very strange but wonderful feeling ,once you had it and lost it then its extremely hard to forget or live without. Especially if that love you felt was for a very special or unique person, that no one on Earth seem to compare to. What makes these people special is their combination of beauty, perfect chemistry, spirit, emotional love and physical love all wrapped up into one package. Imagine this finding the one that has every quality that you could hope for or dream of in one package, a perfect man or woman that pleases you in every way possible. I know for some who may have read my last few sentences, would say that's impossible because there are no perfect men or women. My only answer to that is that you are right and its true there are no perfect men or women. But as you ponder those thoughts ask yourself this question have you ever met a man or woman that just fits you in every way? Or have you ever been in a relationship that was so good or perfect , but due to certain, circumstances or situations it had to end? Everybody has had a High School sweetheart, a first love, a distant lover from out of town or have fell in love with a complete stranger within their lifetime and these are the ones that are very hard to forget.Why? Because love like this only comes once in a lifetime and these people are forever in your thoughts or in your dreams. Even after you have moved on with your life and they have moved on with theirs, you both are forever linked. Why? Because of that special bond you once shared.

 The questions I have for you today or tonight is what would you do if you had a chance to do it all over again? Would you let them go and hope that they would come back to you again? Would you let go of your current boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife for true love? What if the person you are with now lacks the main ingredients to keep you happy and the man or woman of your dreams, from your past re-enters your life? What would you do then?And if given another chance what would you give to make this happen or last forever? After all this was the man or woman that stole your heart, they make you smile or laugh and even when have they made you cry, you still love them. Also they are  someone you can't stay mad at or get off of your mind. Because they had your nose wide open, whipped, sprung or they happen to be the one that made your toe nails curl and they are always in your dreams.Out of all the men or women in world, they were the best and parts of you are still with them. I always felt that love is the ultimate sacrifice, especially when you are able to give yourself freely without restrictions.Besides that those people who enters our lives are very special and nothing or no one compares to them. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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