Dating Angry

If you happen to be single or newly divorced, then you should have noticed that dating these days is extremely difficult or complicated and good men or women are hard to find. If you questioned both men or women the each would tell you that there are no good ones out there. Then there is the other thing that most men or women encounter everyday, people who date angrily. What do I mean by dating angrily? Well this occurs when men or women , who have been hurt, lied too or deceived too much in their previous relationships and have not, gotten over their past hurts, anger or pain. Many people who get back into dating, early, fresh out of a divorce are not emotional prepared to date and many rush into a relationships without realizing that it can cause them harm emotionally. Not only does this cause them pain, but they can also cause the person that they are interested in pain. By doing so, it makes them fear dating and it also puts a bad taste in the mouth of those who are interesting in dating.

 That being said there are other reasons why men or women today are dating angrily and here are some of the reasons why. (1) Even though most men or women are adult age many still have child like minds. Its one thing to say that you are ready for a relationship and another to say you only want a fling or an affair. Many men or women have been accused of having different motives when it comes to getting in a relationship. Some are only interested in sex and others money. That's why one must be prepared both physically and mentally before seeking a mate. To those who are newly in the dating world or to those still in it, my advice to you is simple. Don't expect any man or woman to be perfect, because as we all know this is an imperfect world. There will be many people out there that have bad intentions, but that shouldn't stop you from dating or from seeking the right mate, because the good ones are out there. You just have to be patient and thank God for giving you an early warning when it comes to someone that's only after your body or your money. A footnote, when I am dating and a woman ask me what type of car do I drive or how much money I make, I take that as an early warning that they are only after my money. Its up to me if I decide to move on with the friendship or relationship or to move on.

(2) My mother always used to preach, first impressions are the only ones that count. When I talk to my sons or daughters I always tell them that most men or women take you at face value. What this mean is if you dress a certain way or carry yourself in a certain manner that is how they will perceive you in the future. To the ladies, its cool to dress a little sexy, but sometimes some of you go over board. If you meet a man for the first time or have a profile on a dating site with a very sexy or revealing outfit, some men will think that you are easy. Tone down your appearance a little, that way their minds will only be on getting to know you better and not getting into your pants.For the fellas or men, stop being so much of a hurry to get into a woman's pants.Get to know what's between the ears, that way you will know if its even worth thinking about whats between her legs. After you get to know her better maybe you will find that she is not only appealing on the outside, but also have a beautiful inside.Yes, dating can be a little frustrating, crazy or scary for many men or women. But with a little time and patience any man or woman can find their true soul mates. After all if you can clean your mind of all those bad or ugly experiences from your past, then maybe you could allow your heart to love again. Remember while you are out on a date or starting a new relationship that he or she wasn't the one that hurt you or did all those terrible thing to break your heart. Never allow your past to wreak your future! Give love, your new date a chance and stop dating so angry. Write in express your thoughts or ask questions on this topic.
Until then have a great holiday season,


princes griffin said…
You are so right.but who's to know when you find the right one?

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