Its My House!

Not so long ago someone asked me what was wrong with our children and why won't they act right? Her words exactly were, They don't listen, they don't mind and they are very disrespectful! Being a single father, I could relate to some of her questions, because if you ever raised a teenage male before you would know at a certain age they sometime smell themselves or grow a brain and get out of hand or order. Being that I was raised old school and some of my upbringing rubbed off on me. As a parent I am not the one to be played with, its my way or the highway and until he is are grown then I am in control. My son at times have tried to be disrespectful and even had the nerve to try to intimidate me, because he grew a couple of inches taller than myself. That is when I had to let him know just because he is growing up or older doesn't give him the right to be disrespectful. I am first his father and sometimes when needed his friend. When he steps over the line there will be consequences and if he doesn't like it, then he has to get out. Because its my house, I pay the bills, I buy the food, the clothing he is wearing was bought with my money and I am responsible for him until he leaves. I will not be disrespected by my children!

Back to my friends, problem with her daughter; right before Christmas she asked her mother could she spend Christmas day with her boyfriend. Take in mind her daughter is only 17 and still a minor. Before I finish with this story ask yourself this question ,would you allow your teenage daughter or son in these time spend the whole day or night unsupervised? Anyway, she allowed her daughter to spend the day with her boyfriend and she didn't come home until 1:00 am in the morning. When she came in my friends explains, I asked her why she came in so late. My daughter she explained looked at me then said, I am 17 mom almost grown and I shouldn't have a curfew. Then she said Chuck, I was to out done! I told her to go to her room and I will deal with her latter. Then I looked at my friend then said, Who is the mother and who is the daughter? My friend gave me a very sarcastic look and said I am the mother. Then I said you should act like it! I went on to say, I wouldn't dare allow any of my children to roam around unsupervised, especially with the opposite sex.

The problem I have found with most parents is that they allow their children to much freedom, then instead of being their parents they instead, become their friends. When they get out of control then they wonder what went wrong or why they don't respect them. Its been my belief that each child should have a set of rules or boundaries and every child show be taught how to respect those in authority or their parents. As my mother would put it, If you don't respect me at home or while you are away, how can I expect you to respect others when you get older ? Until you become grown or responsible enough to take care of yourself, then you have to follow my rules. Its my way or the highway, after all Its My House. Write in, then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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