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If you happen to have a life like mine then you are a very busy man or woman. Working 11 hour days , 5 days a week can be very difficult for a single person, but much harder if you are a single parent . If you happen to be married and have to do all of the household chores, then life can be extremely difficult. Preparing the meals, keeping your home clean and maintained can be very stressful. If you happen to be reading this ask yourself this question, don't you wish there was a better way? A quicker way to prepare a meal or an easy way to keep your home or apartment clean or fresh? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck! Why? Well because I will share my secrets with you, my readers an easy way to cook a meal real quick and also a simple way to always keep your home smelling fresh.

For those who may question my skills as a cook or as an expert on cleaning. I offer this as some food for thought. I was in my past life a Sauce Chef for over 5 years, for those who don't know what a Sauce Chef does, let me explain. Every time you go out to eat at a fine dinning restaurant and order a pasta dish, there is a sauce that's involved. All of the meats are pre-cooked before your meal is ordered and placed into the sauce when ordered. That way when a waiter or waitress orders the meal, it is ready within minutes, instead of the normal hour it would have taken to be prepared. For as my cleaning skills, my mother was old school, she beat those cleaning skills in me. (smile)

To keep your home smelling fresh, purchase two gallons of bleach, then pour 1 half cup into each drain. The reason for doing this is simple, in each drain bacteria is stored and after sometime each develop a smell. After time all drains store some hair from shaving or from washing hair and most garbage disposal's still have lingering food particles in their bins. This can cause mold or  mildew and this within itself is very unhealthy. That's why I recommend pouring bleach in your drains once a month. Also wiping your base boards with bleach can help freshen your home. Even if you don't like to mop, the smell of fresh bleach will give the appearance of a clean and neat person.  This chore only takes a few minutes and even the laziest person can always keep their home smelling fresh.
Now my simple tips on cooking a fast meal like a star.( 25 minute Shrimp Pasta) Purchase one jar of Bertolli garlic alfredo, one pound of pealed shrimp and one half cup of pictsweet seasoning blend. First melt two table spoons of margarine in a skillet, then add your shrimp and cook until done. Then add your seasoning blend, along with one jar of Bertolli. Turn on low heat and cook for 15 minutes. Then boil one half box of linguine and drain. After done serve your Shrimp Alfredo sauce over your pasta and you are done.

 (Cheaters Crawfish Etouffe) This is a real quick and simple meal to prepare. Purchase one pack of Louisiana crawfish tails, one family size can of cream of of mushrooms(Camble Soup), 1 cup of pictsweet seasoning blend and four table spoons of margarine. Cut open your pack of crawfish tails, then melt your margarine in a large skillet or pan. Turn on medium heat and then place your crawfish tails in the pan. Stir for 4 minutes, until the tails are done and then add your cup of seasoning blend in. Cook for another 4 minutes and then add your cream of mushroom. Add one half cup of water, then season to taste. Cook for another 10 minutes , pour over cooked rice and you are done.  I will share once a month a quick and simple meal that anyone who inspires to cook like a chef or a star. Write in, share your, cleaning tips, thoughts or even your recipes with our readers.
Until then have a great weekend,


princes griffin said…
Love a man that can do the things that's needed to be done.
Anonymous said…
I use clorox wipes to clean my base boards and just about everything else. I will start using your tip of pouring clorox down the strain. I really need a tip on cutting grease. I hate my white stove having any grease spots that's why I don't like frying anything put my daughter does and she doesn't clean the stove while she's cooking. So I have to go behind her and tackle that grease.
I hate to literally scrap the grease with my fingernails. I think I've tried everything. Any suggestions? Lynette
Charles Holmes said…
Thank you Ms Prince and far as you are concern Ms Lynette, keeping or cleaning grease off of your stove is very easy. I always clean my stove and counter tops of with 409 All-Purpose Cleaner. I am just like you, I hate a dirty kitchen! Food for thought Lynette, if your daughter is trying to cook, then that's a good thing, even if she doesn't cook or clean like you would like her too. Sometimes when we try to teach our children simple things, like cooking, cleaning or any other thing, we tend to forget that they are only children. Even if they are young adults, they still have a lot to learn. Take my advice and be patient. In time the seed or knowledge that you planted in them will begin to grow and one day soon you will be very proud of them. Thanks you, Lynette and Ms Prince for your comments.

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