On Blast!

If you are like me and happen to be a thinker, doesn't it make you wonder or even curious why some people are eager to spread their business for the whole world to see? Some men or women can't wait or rather argue, fuss or fight right in public, than do it behind close doors. Even that is not enough for some people,( because I just happen to know a few) of my co-workers or friends that will post their displeasure of their, friends, spouses or mates, on Face Book, Twitter, Tagged or My Space. What they don't realize is that not only will their business be on display for the world to see, they will also shame themselves, right alone with the person or persons they are trying to embarrass. Also I don't think its very smart for someone to tell some of their entrusted friends or relatives about what goes on behind their close doors. Because some of us happen to have friends or relatives that are just like reporters, eager to spread the news, just like a television or cable news channel. Unless you are one of those type of people that, enjoy having other folks talking about you or your business , spreading, rumors or telling lies and exaggerating, then telling half truths about what ever you have told them. That's why I personally think it childish, immature and stupid to put your business online or On Blast! Write in and express your thoughts or views on the subject.
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