Opposites Attract?

If you look at the world, then you should realize that people are just like the Universes, different shades of color and different sizes all revolving around one thing the sun. In a way humans are same, different shades of color, different cultures and different sizes all created by one single being God. Its a small wonder knowing that fact ,love is so hard or difficult to find. Its also a know fact that there are more divorced or single people in the world than there are couples or married people. Why? Well even though I am no relationship expert or Psychic, I feel that maybe most of us when seeking out a spouse or mate look at a persons outer appearance or only after them for what they own. Many of men or women already have in their heads or minds the type of man or woman they want. Some like them tall, while others like them short, then there are some that will only date a certain type or class of a man or woman and then there are many that only want to date or marry within their own race. What most people fail to realize, love doesn't come in shades of color or in sizes and only true love can be found within a persons heart. My mother used to always tell me to ignore a woman's outer beauty , but to instead look within a persons heart or mind. She would say, Everything that looks good isn't always good or what glitters isn't always gold. Just because she looks good, has a good job or comes from a good family, doesn't mean she is a good person. Then my mother went on to say, broaden your horizons , get out of your comfort zone and live a little. Don't close yourself off, open your heart and mind, then maybe you will find what you been searching for is right before your eyes.

After experiencing life for myself, I quickly found out that her statements were true. I have dated many so called beauty queens or women with class, only to find out that some of them were just a pretty package on the outside. When I looked inside I found out that some of them were, evil, mean, selfish, very ugly inside and not they type person to build a life with, marry or to take home to mom. Which brings me back to another one of my mothers saying, when the looks or attraction fades away only the heart remains. Which mean you could be taking a chance or risk by getting involved with someone just because they look good, talk a good game, have a wonderful figure or a great career. Is there are shortage of good men or good women? Maybe or could it be that we all are over looking the obvious. What is that you may ask? The millions of single or divorced people that are, tall ,short, athletic built, a little over weight, skinny, different shades of color or race. Or they could be from a different class of people, from a distant country, state or neighborhood opposite to what we been looking or search for.The problem with some people is that they spend most of their time looking or searching for someone to sleep with or for someone to take care of them, instead of finding someone worth loving or waking up too for a lifetime. Maybe one should start searching for something different, new or the unknown and not what they are used to. Maybe then they can truly find true love. The old saying is Opposites Attract, do they really? The only way to find out is by giving it a try, after all we only live once. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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