Single, Yes Single!

If you happen to be single or divorced then you know how it feels to be stereo typed or how is feels to be misunderstood. Most people feel or think just because you happen to be single that your life is over or that you can't possibly , do anything by yourself. If you happen to tell them that you been on a cruise, to a movie, out to eat or even to a park and you done these things by yourself this is a question that's always asked. By yourself, without a date and why? Then they would ask, how could you do those things without someone? (Like you can't do those things by yourself) Its always amuses me when someone would say to me that you can't believe that you are single and why? What really funny or amusing is when the person or persons that are saying that are single themselves. Yes, I am single and I don't need anyone to enjoy myself  or to have fun with. First a man or a woman has to learn to enjoy their lives by themselves before they can possibly enjoy it with someone else. Besides that fact, every now and then a everyone needs a break from dating, especially if they been through a divorce or been in a horrible relationship that lasted for years. I mean who wants to jump right back into the frying pan, only to get burned all over again? Besides that some of us men or women are really tired of the games, don't want to be used or taken advantage of and really need time to ourselves just to re-charge.

 Do some of us single people miss being in a relationship? Yes, sometimes, but it beats being asked all the time, by a complaining, jealous, possessive or immature person, what time do you get off from work or why did you come home so late? Like you have to report to them as if they were your mother or father. Also if you ever been on a blind date, then you now how horrible or strange that can be. Eating or dinning out with a person that you have nothing in common with or with someone you don't like. Some men or women have some nerve, asking questions about your employment or asking how much money do you make? As if you are going to give them any of it. Also there are some men or women out there that are only after sex or money. (You know who you are) To those people ," Hey man or lady, I just met you and you are not about to get the money I worked hard for and my body is precious. So go find yourself a whore or a fool to take advantage of. Besides that some of  us don't even need a man or woman for sex, because when the time is right we can take of that ourselves.(smile) If you are not careful while dating, the person you may be interested in might turn out to be a, free loader, stalker, rapist or even worse and who wants that right? I don't know about you, but I rather be by myself than being in a horrible relationship, because getting out of one is much harder than getting into it.  Freedom and a peace of mind that is what single people enjoy the most. We can snore if we want to , watch what ever television program we would like, wear what ever we want to and if we choose to walk around our home naked, we can do it! And no one can say a thing  about it! Because its our home, our money and we can do what ever we choose. We can get up, then go and stay out as long as we want too.Why? Because we are single! The next time someone ask you are you single , then you can say "Yes ,I am single, now what? And I can do what  ever I want"! Write in, then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.
Until then have a great weekend,


Anonymous said…

Yes I am single and I cherish my PEACE OF MIND. When you have been single for as long as I have been, you do things a certain way, leave and comeback when you want to, cook if you want to, etc. You have to consider those things when your thinking about getting married because things will change in your life. I have been on family trips where a married woman was complaining that her husband didn't want her to come and what she has to deal with when she returns home. Then I hear a single person say I can't deal with having to ask a man can I go somewhere like I'm a child. Those are things a single person must take into consideration when considering marriage. I've been ask how can you be single for that long without sex? Aren't you lonely? Don't you get tired of being by yourself? These questions coming mostly from married people whose trying to hook you up with someone. My life now is a single life and I have to enjoy where I am now and not feel like I'm missing something. I've been married and it wasn't good. In a marriage your happiness depends on another in how they treat and respect you. Being single, you have everthing in control of what you want, how you want to do things, etc. There are times I would like that special person in my life and then there are times when I enjoy being single. I've told someone don't feel sorry for me that I'm single, I'm okay, there's really nothing lacking in my life now. I can go where i want, buy what I want and do it when I want. Compared to marriage the only thing that I would be lacking is intimacy and that's not for me to have in my single life because I live by the word of God. Single life is not bad at all. Lynette
princes griffin said…
Me personally dont mind being single.You get a chance to enjoy life with or without aomeone else..This is my motto:I MAYBE ALONE,BUT NOT LONELY:HAVE A BLESSFUL SINGLE LIFE

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