Are We In This Thing Together Or Apart ???

Don't you just hate people who are lazy, free -loading or those who constantly beg for money? Do you happen to have children or even some grown men or women in your house, that are so lazy that they won't even lift up a finger to clean up the house or even their own rooms? Every time you look up their narrow, fat or lazy behinds are laying up on your couch watching television or on their I-pads, eating up all of your food. Then when you come home from the store or from work they look at you crazy, like you just invaded their space. It makes me say, Get your nasty lazy behind off my couch, get a  JOB and go some where else, Please! I didn't buy that couch for you and it isn't made for you to lay on! Now pick up that trash and wash those dirty dishes! What kills me is that they look at you like you are stupid! Don't this just drive you crazy or insane?

On top of being lazy, most of them are very disrespectful, nasty or trashy little people! The young men are so nasty that most of them pee on the toilet seat , while some of the young ladies, leave their used female products behind in the trash cans for you to see! Yuck! I don't know about you but I hate cleaning behind lazy or nasty people, even if they happen to be children. Why? Because I wasn't raised to be nasty! My parents raised me to be clean, neat and also to respect others peoples home. I know there has to be some people out there like me that can't stand a nasty, disrespectful  person! It makes me want to say, Hey, brother, sister, home boy, chick, dude, Master P or what ever you want to call yourself, this is my house, you are only a house guest. If you want to live in my home, please respect my house and my things!

But what's worse when some of them begin to beg or ask for money! It makes a person afraid to pick up a phone call from them. Because when they call or text the first words out of their mouths are, do you have or can I borrow some money. It makes you want to say, Do I look like a money tree or a ATM? Do I look like I have stupid written on my forehead? Why don't or won't you get a job? You know they are hiring people everyday right? And what's with borrow stuff? You know and I know that you aren't going to pay me back! So don't call , face time, text or instant gram me , because I already know what you want! You can't even call to just to say hello or to ask me how I am doing, without asking for money! Its crazy! But what's worse than all of that is when someone you date, love, in a relationship with or married to are, just like the children or grown people I just described. It's bad enough that you have to work hard and have to pay your own bills. But when have to also pay theirs and clean up behind them, its enough to stress out even the strongest person. It makes one want to say," Baby, Boo, honey or sweetheart, I know the children are nasty, even our grown ones. Our neighbors and their kids we can't control them either. But you and I , we are suppose to be a team or doing things together. Why won't you get a job and help out me out ? Many times in my past I have questioned my own judgement , because I have run across to many women who feel that just because we happen to be in a relationship, that I should take care of them and pay their bills. Hell I have bills too, children, grandchildren and my own set of responsibilities. How am I suppose to take care of you and them too? I don't mind helping, but asking me to take care of two homes is a little much. Are We In This Thing Together Or Apart? Write in ,then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject. Don't be scared and don't worry, I don't bite!
Until then have a great week,


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