Come back To Me

There are two old saying that's been going around for many generations, You never miss your water until you well runs dry and my favorite," The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence". What these two statement means to me is when a man or a woman find them someone special, but for some odd reason they either make a mistake and let them go or they leave them for someone that they may feel or thought was better. Leaving someone for these two reasons alone, can cause many people to have second thoughts or regrets. The reason for this is because when it comes to love or relationships a lot of us allow our body or minds to make our decisions for us, instead of our hearts. Some of us make the mistake of letting someone good go, in order to find something new or better. Then very soon after that some may find, the man or woman that they left their good thing for is no where near as good as the one they left them for. Like my late grandmother would say, love can only grow within a person heart and not within their body or minds.
 Since I been writing my blog, I have been getting many letters asking my advice, when it comes to love. This one in particular really touched my heart. It comes from a young lady who lives in the great state of Mississippi, she met her love on a online site, they chatted online and talked over the phone for over a year. One day the man, she was chatting with and talking to over the phone with drove to her city (Which was over 150 miles away) where they met for the very first time. In her on words, Chuck when I saw him for the first time in person it was like love at first sight. She was very excited when he came to see her and from what she thought her family loved him. While he was there with her she felt in her heart that he was the one. The problem began shortly after he left and that's when her friends and some of her relatives talked her out being with a man she fell heads over hills in love for. Now she has a nasty taste in her mouth because she may never know or have true love again.

Hi Chuck,
I been reading your blogs and I must admit they are the bomb. I really enjoy the subjects that you write about, because I have faced some of those same issues in my own life. I write this letter to you with a little hesitation, because I know its a good chance that it might one day appear in your next blog. But a girl is kind of desperate and I don't know who to turn to or what else to do. Anyway, I met a man online and we been kind of seeing each other for over a year. Just recently he drove up to see me in McComb, Mississippi, he happen to live in your state and is from New Orleans. When I saw him Chuck, I was so excited, it was like love at first sight. We both, kissed, then embraced each other tightly and to me he looked even better in person. He spent the whole weekend with me and we had a wonderful time. I introduced him to my mother and to my girlfriends. Everyone that met him were so impressed with his manners and  by the way he carried himself. I each minute we were together I started falling deeper in love with him and in my heart I felt this was the man I have been waiting for. When he left I cried, because I felt like he took a small apart of me with him. I texted him and talked to him until he got home safely.
The next day my mother called me and asked me why did I have to fall in love with a man that lived so far. Then latter at work my girlfriends said that they thought that they saw him on other dating websites. I was upset so I sent him a nasty e-mail, explaining to him that I wouldn't be played or treated like some trick or whore he met on some website. I was so mad and confused that when he called me, I questioned him and talked to him very nasty. I could tell that our conversation hurt him by the tone of his voice, because very soon after talking to him he told me if I didn't trust him, not to contact him anymore. Chuck I feel like I made a huge mistake, because where I live there are no good men and none of them compare to the man I let go. I feel so stupid, that I allowed my mother and my girlfriends influence me. What so crazy is now they call me dumb and stupid for letting him go. He won't return my e-mails, my text or my phone calls. Please help me Chuck! Please help me bring back my man to me. I am so sorry that words can't express how hurt I am feeling because of my stupid mistakes. Please help him come back to me.
From the heart,

Hi Stephanie,
I would like to first thank you for having confidence in me when it comes to solving your problem. Before I answer your question, I would like to offer you some brief advice. When it comes to love, marriage or relationships never allow any one's opinion keep you from being happy. Sometimes our friends or our family member could be the main people that keep us from being happy or from finding love. From my own experience from dating, I have found that when I am interested in a woman, sometimes their family members, friends and in some cases their children influence their decisions. What's also strange is this is when the exes start to come around. This can causes a major headache for anyone starting a new relationship or marriage. What's both strange and funny to me is that some of the ladies friends and even their own mothers happen to be single. As a man it always puzzled me why some women seek the advice of their single female friends, instead of someone that's impartial. Don't they realize that if their friends are single that they might not want their girlfriend to be happy? The old saying is that misery loves company and if one of their girl friends fall in love or find happiness then they would have to spend their misery all by themselves. Now as for as you getting your man back, try writing him an e-mail or taking a drive to where he lives , then explain to him that you were sorry and that you made a big mistake. Most men respect honesty, if his love was real and he was also willing to drive all the way to Mississippi just to meet you, then chances are that he hasn't forgotten about you and deep inside he still loves you also. When you talk or see him again say these words if you, Come Back To Me I promise that you will never be without true love again.
Good luck to you Stephanie,


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