Don't Be Stupid

As a author and writer for Q&A with Chuck, I often come across many subjects. Most have to deal with relationships, while others deal with children. But the subject I am talking about today has to deal with scams. There are a lot of entities that only have one purpose in mind and that's is fooling or scamming people out of their money. There is one in particular that I am very surprise that some people fall for and that is contest fraud. What this mean if one receives a letter through regular mail or e-mail claiming that one has won a large sum of money, but has to send a small amount of money to recover the winning funds. Now if you have received this type of letter or e-mail, please delete or throw it away. Like my mother used to always say, If it sounds to good too be true, chances are that it isn't.  Please, don't be stupid and practice a little common sense! Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
Until then have a wonderful weekend,


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