If Only You Knew

Have you ever met or ran across a man or woman, that were so beautiful or handsome that they just took your breath away? Every time you saw them your heart , would skip a beat and no matter how hard you tried you couldn't find the words to express yourself or you didn't quite know what to say? In your own mind you would question yourself and say I wonder what would happen if they really knew how I feel or how much I care? Would it make a difference or would I be rejected? Am I their type or am I out of my league?Does he or she date my type or am I the type of person that appeals to him or her? These are the questions, that keep many of us from pursuing the people we are interested in. What a lot of women don't realize is that most men are afraid of rejection and some men really don't deal with it very well. That's why most simply say nothing allowing their dream girl to walk away. Then there are some women that are old fashion and feel that its the mans job to pursue them. Then they wait hoping, wishing or praying that the man of their dreams will speak up or come their way. That's why many people remain single and never go after the man or woman of their dreams.Why? Because many are just afraid or stuck in their old fashion ways.

The questions I have for them or to you ( if you just be happen to be reading this is) why are you so afraid?Aren't you aware that we live in a new age or time? Don't you also know or realize that you will never know unless you try? What's wrong with you saying something or letting them know how you really feel? What if they are just like yourself, afraid or to shy, scared too express themselves out of fear of rejection? Or maybe they may think that you maybe taken or married. My advice to you or to anyone else that may be reading this is go after your dreams and stop admiring, dreaming, loving, lusting, thinking or wishing for them behind close doors. Stop talking about them to your friends or relatives and speak up! Say something! Text, call or e-mail! After all this is 2014!Be bold or daring! Life isn't worth living or having if one doesn't have another to love and hold on to forever! Women don't have to wait on the man anymore and to the men just man up, then act like one! Who knows, if they only knew how you really felt and then you both could be together for a lifetime. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a wonderful week,


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