If You Don't Somebody Else Will

As we celebrate this Winter and Christmas break, I couldn't help but notice that there happens to be a lot of available good single men or women in the world. That's why I want to encourage all the divorced or single ladies or men, to not to give up because there happens to be plenty good ones left out there waiting for you to say something to. A lot of them would love their man or woman so much, that they would do almost anything to please them. Some of these men or women have been known not only to take care of their spouse physically, but also financially, they also are very supportive, loyal and understanding. I also happen to know or have heard of some men or women that will work two jobs, cook and clean while, their better half is at home doing nothing. What's crazy, strange or funny to me is that some of these good men or women happen to have some spoiled, lazy men or women at home. That won't look for a job , won't lift a finger to help clean, cook or even help raise even their own children. What's also strange to me is that some of these people are so unappreciative and have little or no respect for their hard working spouses. Many of them have been known to disrespect their men or women in public and a lot of them have outside affairs with other men or women. Its crazy but some of these so called men or women think that its okay to embarrass or criticize their spouses in public. Some even feel that its okay to cheat and use their spouses income to please someone else. What they don't realize is that they are not only embarrassing their spouses, but also shaming themselves and if they don't treat their spouses right then there is always somebody out there willing to take the slack.

 To give an example of what I am writing about, there is one particular incident that I will never forget. One day I was on my way to work, I noticed this couple arguing and fussing. It was so intense that I thought that they were about to fight. What struck me as odd was they way the woman began to down grade her husband, criticizing his appearance and he performance in bed. Her words exactly were, So what if you give me money, clothes and buy me expensive things. You are fat, ugly, out of  shape and style! Your thing is small and no one wants your ugly  #@$*# but me anyway! So stop complaining about what I do and let me do me! Then to my surprise her man didn't get angry, he just looked at her then said, Well if I am so less of a man then you can leave. Because if you don't treat me right somebody else will. All I could say was , Wow! And then I rushed inside and started to write this blog. Why? Because in every argument there is an important message, some we listen to and others we choose to ignore. This message to me was very clear. If you have a man or woman at home that you are unhappy with, but they treat you good and with respect, if you don't love them or treat them right somebody else will. The man or woman you treat like trash today, will become someone else's treasure tomorrow. That's right if you don't go to church, out to eat, travel, watch or attend a sporting event, go to family events, choose not to spend time with them or engage in romantic things. Then there is someone out there that willing or able to do those things your refuse to do with them without thought or hesitation. Now while many of you may cry, complain and then say that there are somethings that you won't or refuse to do for your man or woman. My advice is simple love them with all your heart, then treat them right and  always with respect. Because, If You Don't Somebody Else Will. Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Have a wonderful Christmas and A Happy New Year,


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