Have you ever been in a relationship, that was so bad that you started to even question yourself? You may ask yourself these questions, What made me go out with or marry this person or what the hell was I thinking? Why was I so stupid or am I really that desperate? I myself(even though I have never done drugs before) have asked myself what was I smoking? Sometimes we get involved with people that we know are no good for us and then they play us for fools. They always seem to work long hours, are always away all the time, out of town hanging out with their boys or girlfriends, their cell phones are always on vibrate and seem to always need or want money. They never pay attention to us because they are always watching football, basketball or watching soap operas or lifetime. Then there are the ones that are always in trouble with the law or the ones without jobs. Some of these people feel like you owe them something when they get in trouble or when they need money. What's even worse then what I just mention is that some of these people actually think that they are getting away with it or that the people they are involved with are stupid. Some of them are so good at what they do, that they make you feel guilty for them cheating or for using you. Looking at you crazy when they stay out all night or when you catch them cheating.

If you happen to be reading this at this moment you may have a man or woman like I have described in this blog. You may be looking or watching them right now snoring or sleeping peacefully on the opposite pillow. Its times like these that make you ask yourself these questions;  Am I stupid, silly or crazy? What was I thinking? What made get involved with someone like this? Didn't I know that they were married , had a boyfriend or girlfriend?I know that they are not going to leave their husband or wife, so what was I thinking? I knew that they were crazy when I met them! What is it that I really see in them? Why don't I pack my bags now and get out before it gets even worse because I am so unhappy. If you really feel this way, follow your first mind and get out of it right now. I know its not easy, because your feelings are involved, the sex maybe good and you may love them deeply.But if you get out now, you will be glad that you did and you will be kicking yourself very soon after? Why? Because soon after that, you finally get a peace of mind, you will be wishing you have done so sooner.I know that this may sound silly, but believe me you will be glad you did. This is some advice that will keep someone from breaking your heart. Silly!Write in then, express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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