What Does Love Mean To You?

A funny thing about holidays is that people are always in a mad rush or scramble, just to buy or purchase things just to express or show their love and appreciation for their special someone. On Anniversaries, Birthdays and Christmas people use these days as a way of expressing their gratitude for the people they love. Husbands , wives, boyfriends and girlfriends usually pick a special time of the week, month or the year just to be affectionate or they may pick a special occasion just to make love. The question is why? Is this love? Is this how a marriage or relationship is suppose to be? If you happen to be reading this ask yourself these two questions, How much do you value your friendship, relationship or marriage and if that question is too hard to comprehend, then answer this What Does Love Mean To You?

My answer is simple love isn't something that should be celebrated just on holidays. It something that should be celebrated, expressed and spoken or said 365 days of the year, even on the weekends. Love should be unconditional, never should it have to wait until a special moment, before it is shared. When you love someone they should know without a doubt that you care and They should know without a doubt that you will do what ever it takes to please them. That way they wouldn't have to look outside of the relationship or marriage for something you aren't giving them at home. True love can't be bought, purchased and no amount of gifts, money or material things can help you acquire it. That's why I am advising everyone on this particular day before the day or year ends, to love your special someone always to the fullest with no holding back and no matter how mad or angry your spouse may make you, never go to bed that way. Make up as soon as possible, because today, tomorrow or this very moment isn't promised to any of us and life is so precious or short, that it could leave each of us at any moment. Love your spouse not just for today, on their payday, yours or their birthdays, not because they wore something sexy, smelled good or because they bought you something, not because you are reminiscing about past love making and not just because it happens to be your Anniversary or Birthday. But for 365 days of the year, everyday of the week and even on weekends. Show them every second of the day and know this no love can survive if anger or madness controls it. What Does Love Mean To You? The answer should be everything and all of the above.
Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year,


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