At The Movies With Q&A With Chuck

On a snowy day or rainy night, nothing beats laying on the couch, with someone you love or with a great movie. I have had the privilege of renting one great movie, then watching the other great movie in a movie theater. Its a rare event that you can go to a local Red box or to any other outlet and find something worth while watching again. I have found one that I really like and highly recommend  One of them to my surprise was awesome and very well directed. I am not a very big fan of Tyler Perry, even though he is a very successful writer and film maker. I still in my opinion think that some of his movies are kind of lame. I don't feel that way about all of his movies, just the ones he plays an on going character in.( Medea) The one I am about to recommend happens to be one he didn't write or direct. In fact he is just an ordinary actor, that plays a major role in this feature film.(Alex Cross) In this movie Tyler Perry, reprises a role, played by the great actor Morgan Freeman, Detective Cross. This movie will have you at the edge of your seat, with all the action , drama and suspense. It was very well written, directed and the acting was superb. This is a must see film , I give it four stars. The next movie I highly recommend is called Snitch, the main actor in it was Dewayne (The Rock ) Johnson. This movie was based off of a true life story and was about a father that would do almost anything to free his son. I won't tell you much, more than that because it will ruin it for you. But if you go, I promise you will be entertained. This movie also gets a four star rating from my staff.
Have fun and enjoy,


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