Can You Respect Me?

Love, relationships and marriage, all of these can be very beautiful and special if shared with the right person, but without respect, none of these things will last forever. What really gets on my nerves is when some grown men or women play those childish games. It makes makes one wonder does respect exist any more? The problem today is that no one seems to respect the person they are with, they instead mess over them or as my late grandmother would say, Use a person kindness as their weakness. Many have been known to have different or many Face Book ,Twitter , Tag and Instant Gram pages that don't even acknowledge the fact that they are married or in relationship. Then there are others who while they are with you turn their phones on vibrate or those very bold ones that will text or talk to their lover right in front of you. Then the really sneaky ones just text or talk behind your back or pretend they are talking to a friend or relative. But on top of that there are some that are so bold, nasty or trifling that they will make love or have sex with someone on moment and then turn around then do the same to you. Not thinking about how that may effect you physically or mentally, it makes you want to ask them Can You Respect Me?

 What's worse than that is when you happen to be out in public( At the mall , movies or out to eat)  with your girl or your man and they act like you are not even there. You may try to express that you are in love or in a relationship by showing affection, but your partner seems to be embarrassed of you every time you both are out in public, but behind closed doors everything is good. They instead show you the ultimate disrespect, by introducing you as their co-worker or friend. They may glance over your shoulders or even look behind your back at someone they are very attracted to. It makes you wonder when will some people grow up and stop acting like teenagers or when will they get tired of playing these childish games? If you are like me, you don't have a problem with the person you are with being attracted to other men or women, because you only want respect. If they don't want you, then you are cool with it , all you want is for them to go away and be with who ever they want to be with. Like my friend would put it, respect is earned not given and if you want to respect you should demand it! Simply put, no man or woman should have to wonder or worry if their man or their woman is out there in the world cheating. If they can't be faithful and still want to play the game, then say that up front. That way the other person involved, can make an adult decision on rather they accept your terms. Man up or act like a woman, instead of playing childish games. The question isn't do I trust you, but can you show me the proper respect? Can you Respect Me? Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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