Damned If You Do or Damned If You Don't

News flash to all the single, divorced or newly separated men or women, there are still good available good people out there. Where are they you may ask? They are with unappreciative, unloving and none caring men or women. I know this may sound funny or odd, but good men or women seem to always end up with the wrong person. There are plenty of good men or women that are hard at work everyday, doing what ever it takes to please their spouse. Most happen to pay some or all the bills, do most of the household chores and all of the cooking. What's so crazy is that these good people happen to have a lazy man or woman at home that refuses to help out around the house, to look for a job or go to work. There are a lot of good men or women that will go to the ends of the Earth just to please their spouse. Some would go so far as putting their spouses needs above their own, their children and even their families. What do most of these good people get in return? A no good man or woman that's, verbally or physically abusive, one that stays out all night and in most cases very unfaithful! Its makes one want to throw up their hands and say," Damned If You Do Or Damned If You Don't"!

 Because if a good man or woman didn't do all of the things I just mention in my blog, that person they are with will argue or complain anyway. My message is simple to all of the single people, don't give up on love. Why? Because just like God made you, he also made others and the real reason why you haven't found that good person yet, is because they happen to be in the very same position as you are today. Where are they you may ask? They could be with an ungrateful or unappreciated spouse or just getting out of a bad marriage or relationship feeling that there are no good men or women out there. So take my advice, keep your eyes open and give the next man or woman a fair chance. If there is a man or woman out there willing to love you and treat you with respect, then let them. Because if you don't then you could be on the opposite end of, Damned If You Do Or Damned If You Don't! Write in the express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.

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