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If you ever experienced love at first sight or instant gratification, there are a few cities or venues that often guarantee it, Vegas, New Orleans and cruise ships. For each, have a slogan that goes right along with their name. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. After one night or one weekend in New Orleans you will never be the same. Once you found love on a cruise ship, it will be like two sailing ships flowing in opposite directions. Vacations are just like those slogans, memorable, fun and exciting. I know when I am on vacation that is when I do my best to leave my world behind me and unwind. To me its nothing better than going to a place, where you have no worries and to a place where you are waited on like a King Or Queen. But some people take this to the extreme, not only do they leave their world behind, but also their morals or ambitions. Some men or women go on vacations, looking for or seeking someone to have an affair and then there are others that go hoping to find love. For both after they have gone and had their experience, the memories that they shared will last for a lifetime. I was once told by a friend of mine that the memories that he once had while he was in Vegas, was the stuff only thought of in a dream. Which brings me to the topic of the week Dream Maker. This subject comes from a reader that lives in New York. She went on a cruise and met what she thought was the man of her dreams. They were only together for 3 days, but those were some days that she will never forget.

Hi Chuck,
My name is Arianna, from New York. I am not sure how this write in and blog thing goes, but here I go. I came across your blog while a friend of mine, was listening to some music from your site. As I looked on to her lap top I noticed that you also had some writing. My girl then looked at me and said, girl this man is crazy and you have to check out his site. I did and she was right you do have some very interesting topics. Anyway, the reason I am writing you is because last year I went on a cruise, then met a man there that I'll never forget and  it was the first time that I had an interracial affair. I never thought I would be attracted to a man opposite of my race, but there was just something about him. He was so handsome tall dark and chocolate, he had a smile that just took my breath away. How we met oddly enough was while we both were in the pool. I was in there with my girlfriend and it was her that first noticed him. She looked at me and said girl check him out. I said to her yes girl he is fine but he is black. But my crazy girlfriend looked at me and said who cares what color he is! Just look at the large package he is carrying! Anyway, I think he noticed that we were both talking about him, because after that he swam over to us to say hello. I thought that he would have talked to my girlfriend because she was more interested in him than I was. But to my surprise he was more attracted to me than my friend. After a few drinks and a little dancing he was up in my room. Those were three nights that I would never forget. That man touched me in places that I never thought I had. I had so much fun with him Chuck and after we talked I found out that we both had so much in common. Those three days went by so fast, as if they were minutes,  I enjoyed each and every minute with him so much , so that I forgot about his race. When it was time for us to part I cried because I knew that I would never see him again. I know I should have gotten his number or e-mail address, but I was afraid of what my people back home would think about me, having an affair with someone that is not of my race. Now I can't stop thinking about him and he is now in my dreams. I miss him Chuck and really want to see him again, please help me find him again!
Arianna B

Hello Arianna,
How are you? I really wish I could help you with your problem. But without a name or a point of origin I really have no ideal how you will contact him. Maybe you could go to that cruise line to seek help or try to find him on Face Book or Google. I know since you been on that cruise, that you learned a valuable lesson. Never to judge a man by his color, size  or race. There are good men out there some come in different sizes or shapes while others with different shades of color. Just open your heart or your mind and in time you will find a man that are only what dreams are made of.
Until then have a great day,



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