Is It Too Much To Ask?

Lets face it when any us get into a relationship or marriage, we all have certain expectations. The obvious is , (at least I am speaking for myself)  for the person I am with has to be faithful, respectful and honest. These days none of those things seem to matter. Why? Because these days some people seem to only be concerned for their own feelings or needs and it doesn't matter if they are a man or a woman, most enjoy playing games. Some men or women never grow up and then there are those who refuse to believe that time has really passed them by. That is why, some still act like, dress like, childish little boys or girls. Because they haven't woke up yet and realized that they are no longer that young man or woman they used to be. Its makes one want to say, just once Lord I wish I would meet me someone that doesn't come pre-packaged with drama, lies or games! Lets face it we all come pre-packaged with something and there is no one you will meet that doesn't have a past or some type of skeleton in their closet. But if you are like myself , then I know you could live without other peoples drama or insecurity's.

My message is simple to the single people, newly divorced or separated, if you haven't gotten over your past, then its real obvious that you aren't ready to move on yet! Please for your sake take sometime to get to know yourself again before you move on. No one new should have to deal with your past problems or personnel issues. If you happen to have a lot of emotional baggage, trust issues, don't trust men or women and haven't gotten over your ex, then stay single until you are ready. The question, I have and millions of single good people have that only want to be loved. Is it too much to ask? Write in , then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great weekend,


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