Its A Shame

If you happen to be a parent, then you must know how hard it is to raise children, boys are a little hard, but girls are even harder. Why is that you may ask? Well boys all you have to do with them, is give them a hard look, pretend that you are threatening their life or give them a little discipline. Boys some how get it and understand that there is always a consequence for their actions. But girls are a whole different story! You have to watch how you talk to them, because they are very emotional and most of them wear their feelings on their sleeves. Some daughters or girls will tell you how you should talk to them and even give you unwanted advice on how you should raise them. Now that I am older and have raised one child on my own, I now know how my parents felt when they raised, then fed six children(3 boys and 3 girls). When I look back on my childhood, I know we gave our parents hell and a whole lot of trouble back in the day, but today's children are very different. They are spoiled, some have no common sense, they are very disrespectful or talk back and most don't care or have any ideal how much things cost. After all my baby boy, ate like he was six children all rolled into one. He ate so much that I had to put locks on my bedroom doors, cabinets and even consider putting one (if I could have found it) on my refrigerator. I know to some that maybe extreme or sound funny, but every month my son and I would have a family meeting.With me pleading or negotiating with him asking him please not to eat so much and not too sit in the tub with the hot water running until there were no hot water for me when I took my bath. For some reason my son  just couldn't comprehend that food, electricity, water and clothing cost his dad a lot of money.

 It got so bad that I was spending more money on food then, I was on all of my bills combined. When I would catch him eating at three o'clock in the morning , he would look at me like a deer would with head lights in his face. I would say,  Marcus what are you doing up so early and why are you eating at this time of the morning? If you happen to be reading this, ask yourself this question, why does every child answer any question you ask them with this very same answer, I don't know? Like they don't know they are eating you out of a house or home! Like they don't know that they went into your wallet or purse stealing your money! Like they don't know that they went into your room and borrowed you clothes, cologne, cell phone or jewelry! Like they don't know that they wreaked your car, broke your television or played hooky from school!They always answer you, by saying they don't know! Really? Come on! Clean up your room, wash the dishes, please put out the trash, clean up behind yourself and stay out of my room! I am not your janitor or maid! Stop sleeping on my couch and your greedy, disrespectful, friends tell them to stay at home! Its A Shame, that we as parents have to hide food, money and our things from our very own children. Its A Shame! If you have a story to share I know our readers would really appreciate it.
Until then have a great weekend,


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