The Perfect Date

Spring time is here! This is the time of the year where flowers begin to bloom, animals begins to mate, fish start to spawn , birds start to lay their eggs and where love begins to grow. With worldwide statistics suggesting that there are more single people in the world than married ones. Searching for love and Internet dating has become a billion dollar industry. The question the staff at Q&A with Chuck has for you, is what would you call the perfect date? How creative would you like your first date to be? Or are you one of those traditional type of people, that is okay with a simple movie or a trip to your favorite restaurant? What would you consider a perfect date and would you like the man or women you are dating to go all out on your very first date? Have you been on one that was so good or have you ever been on one that was really bad?  I was always told as a child, that you aren't completely dressed without a smile and that you never get a chance to make a first impression. Since I consider first dates as a must in any relationship, I would like to hear your thoughts or suggestions. I have been on my share of good dates and also had my share of bad ones.

 The question is will your next date be good, great, prefect or will it be a complete disaster? In order to have a successful first date, one must always follow these simple tips or rules; don't over talk, over assume, don't talk about sex or money and never prejudge the person in front of you. Allow him or her to have an equal amount of  speaking time, relax and never brag about yourself or bore them with your past or future accomplishments. Enjoy the moment by getting to know them on a personal level and I know I have said this once please relax, you not on an interview you are out on a date! Trust me within a few minutes you will know if she or he is the one for you and if it doesn't workout its just a date.The biggest mistake I have found that both men or women make is that most of them have one foot in the past while the other in firmly planted in the present. In other words they are afraid of being used, abused or hurt without realizing that they are only out on a date. To keep that from happening to you, enjoy the moment, talk, then smile, get to know the person in front of you and have a good time. After the date is over shake hands or hug and hope that this date will lead to more or a Perfect Date! Write in, express to my readers what can someone do to impress you or tell us what turns you off or on . If you have a dating horror story or if you had the Perfect Date, please write in so that I can share that with my readers.
Until then have a wonderful day,


Anonymous said…
What's up Chuck,
Love the blog and the topic. My dating horror story begins when I met a woman that I been chatting with online for the very first time. In her profile she stated that she was about, 4"11, athletic and from her pictures that were on line she had a beautiful smile. We talked over the phone for over two months and from our conversation we had great chemistry. I thought we had so much in common, because we shared the same interest. Being that she lived in another state I decided to fly out to meet her. I rented a hotel for the weekend and planned a romantic evening on the beach. So I called her to let her know where I was staying and where to meet me. I made reservations at a 4 star restaurant and there I waited for her to come. When the hostess brought her over to my table, I thought I was living in a nightmare. Just like her profile stated she was 4"11, but she was also 300 pounds, her grill was messed up and she was nothing like her pictures. It was like, I flew all over here to meet the girl of my dreams and it turned out to be a nightmare! But like a champ I ate with her and after we were done, I told her that we couldn't see each other again. She lied man and she misled me. Internet dating scares me because you don't know what you are getting.
Anonymous said…
As long as the gentleman's sweet creative ideas of impressing me is part of his personality and not just one moment to impress me to "get me" I can appreciate it. Some men can do special things for a first date and then it dwindles down to nothing when the relationship gets old. In the beginning of a relationship a movie or dinner is enough for me to get to know me or anything that doesn't involve spending alot of money. As the relationship grows and love begins to bloom that's when the "sweet creative ideas" should come into play. Many may view me as being different, and that's okay. I have a couple of ideas: If you know where she fellowships on Sundays, show up at church and try not to let her see you. After church approach her, ask her out for Sunday brunch. If she has told you where she works, have someone she knows deliver an invite to a movie or dinner in an envelope with a rose to her or drop it off yourself at the lobbydesk, if you can. If you listen well, she may have mentioned somewhere she only went once and enjoyed it - make it happen again for her. If your a "big spender" have a limo pick her up with note from you inside telling her she will be arriving to a high end restaurant and you will meet her there or send her an invite from a "singing telegram". I can go on and on but it depends on the person's character and interest. Women can do this too if their into asking a man out. Also a nice touch would be a thank you note from the receiver that night depending on how the date goes. I guess you would have to make a detour to the restroom to prepare it. lol Lynette
Charles Holmes said…
Very nice Lynette,
I love your ideals, but since David left his horror story, so I thought I would share mine. One day a friend of mine set me up on a blind date. He told me that she was very beautiful and would be the perfect for me because of her height. He said man I can't wait until you meet her, she is so beautiful and very fine. Anyway I called her up and set up a time for our very first date. Our conversation went well, but for some reason something about her didn't seem right. Anyway, there was once a very nice restaurant call, The Place and that is where we met. When I met her, I could see that my friend had very good taste. She was very beautiful, fine ass hell and had a beautiful smile. So I smiled then introduced myself, then pulled out her chair and ordered her meal, that is when the fun began. I ordered her a lobster and myself a steak. When our food arrived , she stared at the lobster as if she never saw one before. Then I asked her , has she ever had one before? Then she rolled her eyes and said, its just a big old crawfish, I can handle it. I then said, no its not let me show you how to eat it. But before I could show her how, she picked up the lobster and tried to eat it like a crawfish. As you know that didn't work! It was so embarrassing! But what was worse than that is when I left the waiter a tip she picked it up, then put it into her bra. Then I said, that was for the waiter. Then she said you paid enough for the meal, hell I bet you even paid for the water. LOL
Anonymous said…
Chuck before I tell you about my story, can I ask you a question? Why every time a man takes you out to eat or buys you something he thinks he can get some? Hell, my stuff ain't for sale and it takes more than a hot meal to get into my drawers! Anyway , Chuck just like your reader earlier, I met this man online. We chatted for two weeks , talked on the phone and did the instant gram thing. When we met at Red Lobster, I was really impressed, because the brother was fine as hell and drove a nice ride. He was a complete gentleman, he pulled out my chair, then paid for our food. Our conversation was on point and all I could say to myself was girl I think I have found the one. It wasn't until we left the restaurant when the date turned south. When I hugged him, then kissed him and thanked him for the date, this negro wouldn't let go! I said man let me go! That is when he said he wanted him some. I told him that I didn't like him like that and that is when he said the meal we ate wasn't for free. I was to out done! I screamed got into my car, then sped off. What's wrong with these men Chuck? They can't get my pussy on the first date! Dream date hell!!

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