The Perfect Date

Spring time is here! This is the time of the year where flowers begin to bloom, animals begins to mate, fish start to spawn , birds start to lay their eggs and where love begins to grow. With worldwide statistics suggesting that there are more single people in the world than married ones. Searching for love and Internet dating has become a billion dollar industry. The question the staff at Q&A with Chuck has for you, is what would you call the perfect date? How creative would you like your first date to be? Or are you one of those traditional type of people, that is okay with a simple movie or a trip to your favorite restaurant? What would you consider a perfect date and would you like the man or women you are dating to go all out on your very first date? Have you been on one that was so good or have you ever been on one that was really bad?  I was always told as a child, that you aren't completely dressed without a smile and that you never get a chance to make a first impression. Since I consider first dates as a must in any relationship, I would like to hear your thoughts or suggestions. I have been on my share of good dates and also had my share of bad ones.

 The question is will your next date be good, great, prefect or will it be a complete disaster? In order to have a successful first date, one must always follow these simple tips or rules; don't over talk, over assume, don't talk about sex or money and never prejudge the person in front of you. Allow him or her to have an equal amount of  speaking time, relax and never brag about yourself or bore them with your past or future accomplishments. Enjoy the moment by getting to know them on a personal level and I know I have said this once please relax, you not on an interview you are out on a date! Trust me within a few minutes you will know if she or he is the one for you and if it doesn't workout its just a date.The biggest mistake I have found that both men or women make is that most of them have one foot in the past while the other in firmly planted in the present. In other words they are afraid of being used, abused or hurt without realizing that they are only out on a date. To keep that from happening to you, enjoy the moment, talk, then smile, get to know the person in front of you and have a good time. After the date is over shake hands or hug and hope that this date will lead to more or a Perfect Date! Write in, express to my readers what can someone do to impress you or tell us what turns you off or on . If you have a dating horror story or if you had the Perfect Date, please write in so that I can share that with my readers.
Until then have a wonderful day,


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