We Shouldn't

Life at times can be very complicated or messy. Why would I make this statement? Sometime some of us adults can put ourselves in some sticky, tricky or in some very compromising situations or positions. As funny as this may sound there are some people out there who can't seem to control their hormones and some end up being attracted to people that they know they shouldn't be involved with. Some blame it on those cold winter nights and then some use the rainy weather as an excuse to get horny or to have sex. There are some men or women that get involved with the opposite sex, just  because of  what they drive, who they are or for what they own and then there are some that get involved with someone  man or woman, just because their friend or family member has them. This reminds me of something I would over hear my mother say, that she would never leave any of her female friends around her husband. Its a shame that some men or women can't even trust their most trusted co-workers, friends or family members around their man or woman.

 It always been an unwritten rule between men, that our current girlfriend or ex-girlfriends were off limits. Most of us men won't even consider dating or even think of having sex with someone our brother, friend or father has been involved with. It make one wonder doesn't this same unwritten rule apply to women? Hmmmm, anyway as you know some people can't seem to help themselves, they get all hot or bothered, then those nasty wet dream creep into some peoples heads and those hormones or emotions that I wrote about earlier seem take over. Yes I know some blame it on the drug or the alcohol but that just a sorry excuse! The questions I have for those who choose to step over the line, don't you care about the consequences of your actions or who you may hurt in the process? Do you happen to have an guilty conscious or are you so heartless that you don't even care? After all that person does happen have a husband, wife, he is someone's boyfriend and she is someone's girlfriend. That man or woman you are having sex or having a good time with happens to have someone real good at home waiting for them! Worse than that is your best friends man or woman and they could belong to one of your church or family members. Isn't this the time you should say, Look I know this feels good and I really enjoy this, but we shouldn't or that this isn't right? Stop! No ,we shouldn't! Should we? No,We Shouldn't! Write in , then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Until then have a great weekend,


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