Why Lie?

Its spring break, Senior Prom and Easter !This is the time of year that all teenagers or college students look forward to. Like my son would say, this is when he can get his swag on. Swag?!! What the hell is a swag anyway? LOL! When I think about this, it makes me remember my past, when I was their age. I would ask my High School sweetheart, out for Prom and of course my mother or father would chaperon. Back in those days, parents didn't play and they were not about allow their children a chance to be alone with the opposite sex. Why? Because some how they knew when you put two teens full of hormones together that something would happen. Even though as just as most teens did at that time, I tried to lie then say that my girlfriend and I wouldn't do a thing.(smile)

Why lie? Because if I told my parents the truth they would have killed me that's why! LOL Am I encouraging today's children to lie? No not at all! But I do understand why children tell the same lies as I and millions of other past teen have done in our past. News flash parents, remember you were once a child and a teenager in your past. If you are wondering why your children are lying to you today, all you have to do is remember your own past. Like my late grandmother would always say, what comes around goes around. Many times those very same things comes back to us through our children. Just a small bit advice to all of the parents, if what you child is saying to you should sound familiar. Its maybe because they are telling you the very same lie that you have told your parent in your past. So, do as I do smile and say," Son or daughter, Why Lie? The very same thing you are trying to do, I have already done or said. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Have a great spring break,

A note to the grown ups, if you happen to be in a relationship or marriage that you aren't happy in and plan on cheating or having affair. Why Lie? Don't keep it a secrete and tell the truth right away! If you don't tell your spouse the worse your relationship or marriage will get. In the end one or both of you will be cheating or end up disliking and hating each other. Why Lie? Be honest and up front in the end it may hurt the both of you. But just like my late grandmother would say its always better, to tell the truth than a lie. Why Lie?



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