Life sometimes can be very funny and strange at the very same time. The reason why I say this is because sometimes what a person does in their past, can come right back and then catches up to them in the present. Many of us when we do something wrong, then used them or if we happen to hurt someone in our past never expect to deal with it in the future. Why? Because sometimes when we do something wrong like, cheating, breaking hearts, stealing or do something even worse like commit a crime, life fools us by thinking that we have gotten away with it. But like my mother use to always say, if you do dirt, then expect dirt to be done right back to you or her other famous saying what's done in the dark will come back into to light. In other words what comes around, comes back around and many times when it does come back ten time worse than it was before. Karma, past , present,  future all together in one current place.

 My advice to the ladies, fellas, young, older men or women, is if you are out there cheating , doing dirt or if you are abusing or using your spouse or significant other, expect the same thing to happen to you in the very near future. Why? Because most of the time our life is only a reflection of our past or current deeds. In other words if you mistreat someone today, someone may do the same to you in the near future. My advice to anyone who happens to be going through a divorce or to anyone who just got out of a bad relationship , try to end it gracefully or peacefully. Never try to intentionally hurt someone or even take advantage of them even if they have done something wrong or terrible to you. I know this is easier said than done, but my late grandmother would always say, sometimes its best to turn the other cheek or walk away. Some may or would say, what comes around goes around or they may say if you do something bad to someone in your past, that it may come back to hunt you a thousand times. I just simply say its, Karma, a reflection of ones life, the good or bad seeds of our past that are now ready to grow, then bare fruit. Now we have to live with what we have done in our past or present for better or worse. Which is called, Karma! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.

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