The thing that I enjoy about writing is that it frees my mind or soul and allows me to think or experience things that I never thought I would before. This is especially true when a reader responds or expresses themselves and share their deepest thoughts or feelings with me. My mother would always say you can learn something new, from just about anyone, no matter where they live or come from. As she would put it, when you stop learning, you stop growing or living , so keep learning and allow your mind to grow or as my son would say go with the flow of it. Some of us think when we become older or when we get educated, a lot of us think we know it all or feel that there is nothing left to know or learn. But in reality even after some many years on in college or Earth, one could still never really know it or experienced it all and still have plenty left to learn. Of all the subjects in the world  , I have found that Love is the most fascinating, complicated subject around and it is one that no one man or woman could truly master. Even the so called talk show host like Steve Harvey , Oprah Winfrey or others can't master the subject called love. Only the Bible, the written word defines this word Love truly and give real meaning to Love. Even after reading what Love is suppose to be like, its still hard to figure out. I have found these past few sentences to be especially true, when I received a comment on my last written blog. It comes from an anonymous reader who was expressing herself when it comes to a person she happens to Love. I had to edit it a little bit, because in original form it was very hard to read or follow. For those who want to view the original, please read my blog called Karma.

(Edited version)
I am a loss for words and I am totally shocked. This is some really good stuff. Wow! I mean I try to give love and all of myself to my other half. I give 100 percent and in return I get nothing. I met this one guy on line a few months ago and I fell so hard for him that I wanted to marry him. I never felt this way about any man in my entire life , but something about him is really special. I tried explaining to him how special he is to me and why I feel this way, but for some reason he doesn't trust what I say or feel. He sometimes sends me messages from time to time, but never seem to want to talk to me in person. I have been really trying to get his attention and also praying that God would reveal to him how much I really want him to be apart of my life. I could go on and on, but what's the point, he wouldn't pay attention to me anyway. After reading your blog , then  listening to the song, that was provided by L.T.D. and at the same time watching the candle burn while drinking some fine wine. I took sometime to think about my situation a little deeper. Then Wow! A thought came to my mind, is this the message that I needed or is God himself trying to tell me something? Is something really going to happen between us? I hope so, because I really, need this man in my life as my husband. Am I a fool or lost waiting for his Love?

This was a message that I really had to take time reading and understanding where she was coming from. She met a man online, then fell in love, but he doesn't feel or hasn't expressed himself in a way that she would like. That's what I got out of it and if you feel like its something else please write in , then say so. Anyway, to answer her question and to further explain the subject called Love I have a small story to tell.

One day three good friends met up at a plant show. While at the plant show each purchased a plant. After purchasing the plants all had one common thought, that the plant they just bought will grow beautiful and strong. When each of them went home to care for their plants, none of them cared for their plants in the same way. One placed the plant in the yard , then left it and the other one watered it everyday. Then one re- potted it, watered it once a week, placed it in the proper shaded, talked to it and cared for it. After a month the three friends met up again and asked each other how were their plants doing? Two of ladies plants died while the third ones plant grew beautiful and strong. Then the ladies asked the one that grew her plant successfully why did her plant grow and theirs didn't? Then she said because each of you treated your plants like you treated your men. One of  you just take your man home, then leave him to fend on his own, while the other one smothers her man not giving him time to think or breath. While myself I give my man the proper attention. I tell him everyday, that I love him. Not only do I do that, I feed him when he is hungry, I care for him when he is sick, when he is away I always let him know that he is on my mind and when he need me the most I am always there. That is why we have been married now for over 30 years and also why you girls are still single. Why they each asked? Because you never gave your plants or your men true Love. You only said it, but never expressed it so that they would know or grow.

Anonymous and to anyway who may be reading this, don't just say you love someone, but instead you express, live and show it. Saying the word  LOVE is easy, but expressing or showing it is a completely different story. Love is more than mere words, its a combinations of, feelings, thoughts, expressions and actions. Until you show a person that you really care, they will never take you seriously and you will never experience or know true Love. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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