The Truth Or A Lie?

Fresh scent of cologne, perfume or of a hot shower can bring a person to think that their man or woman is just trying to keep themselves clean, groomed or a person that keeps themselves up. Ask yourself this question, if you haven't been with them all day or night how could possibly, know what they are doing or have been up too? While you are thinking about this last question, let me ask you this, has your significant other ever lied to you or cheated on you? Have they always been honest, truthful, faithful, without lies or deception? While you ponder the questions I just asked you, allow me to point out a few facts. In the world we live in today there happens to be more single or divorced individuals than married ones. As a matter of fact the divorce rate is at an all time high and in a recent national survey, 85 percent of all males or females have cheated on their spouse more than once or kept secrets hidden from their significant other. At the same token most that were surveyed, admitted that they had an extra someone else on the side, while they were dating, in a relationship or even all during their marriage. Scary thought, isn't it, that you the person that's reading this could be sharing your man or woman with someone else, the whole time you both are together and don't even know it.

The main fact is, in today's world it very hard to trust people or to find someone that is completely honest, faithful or some what truthful. While you think about the questions or facts that I just passed onto you, allow me give you some brief advice. If your man or woman doesn't have the same views, thoughts or goals as yourself, then there is a very good chance that they aren't the right person for you. If you are holding on to them, just because you love them, hoping that they will change for the better or better yet marry you, then these reasons aren't enough to stay with them. Maybe its the great sex or they could be a very good provider. If that's the case allow me give you some free advice. Stop dreaming or wasting your time! Why? Simple, if they haven't changed after all this time what makes you think they are going to change now? They are just simply giving or making excuses, while telling you lies or telling you something you might want to hear just to hold on to you.

 The old saying is," if I can't have you then no one else will ". Stop, giving a man, woman or even your children power over you or your life. One thing that will never change for as long as you live, you will get older and time is not on your side. If you happen to have children, then they will grow up into adults, while you are still single, unmarried, stuck in a bad marriage or relationship. While you are there waiting or hoping for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife to change their ways or to act right. Also if you caught your spouse or significant other, cheating or lying to you more than once, chances are they will keep on doing it until they get caught or when you get brave enough to let them go. The question is real simple to the ladies or to the men who happen to be reading this," If your man or woman hasn't married you in all this time, truly committed themselves to you or changed their evil ways, why are you still wasting your time with them? If you are afraid of what they may do or afraid of what they may say, then you may already know the answer to the question before its even asked or answered. Do yourself a favor and ask yourself this question, Wouldn't you rather be with someone, that you truly love, that makes you happy, always upfront or honest with you? Instead of being with someone that playing games with your heart, hurts you, constantly lies to you, cheats, unfaithful or holds you back? Wouldn't you rather hear, be told or even tell the person you are involved with ,the truth? Like my late grandmother would always say, the truth shall set you free! She would go on to say it may hurt when tell it, but at least its the truth! Then she would smile and say, baby would you rather be told the Truth Or A Lie? Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


Anonymous said…
Chuck that's a slap in the face for many people but some will only turn the other cheek to be used again. Call me different but I don't have time for foolishness. Be straight with me, don't hide from me, I just want the truth so I can make the choice to move on or not. I guess I know my self worth. Men and women being used by one another for selfish reasons and not caring about the other person's feelings. Many don't want to hear the truth because they only know how to deal with lies, decent, unworthiness, etc. A ficious emotional cycle. Isn't that something. Many would rather put up with it so they can stay in their comfort zone while burying themselves in misery. Honesty is a rare jewel in the times we live in. So many may say "ain't nobody gonna be completely honest with you anyway, so I'll just deal with it." If I can't have trust, honesty and respect from someone, I'll just be aloine. Give me peace of mind any day without drama. Sometimes I think I'm too content in my single life that I tell myself "I don't have to deal with nobody but me". lol Good subject Chuck Lynette
Charles Holmes said…
I love the points you make, but at the same time I have a little more advice to add to my subject. My mother would always tell me to love myself , before I can love anyone else. In other words besides God, I am number one. Which means, my thoughts, feelings, emotions and dreams are important. If the person I am with doesn't respect that then they shouldn't be with me. My advice to any man or woman is if your significant other doesn't have plans for the future with you, then they aren't the right person for you. I know that may be a hard pill to swallow for some, but sometimes the truth hurts. But what you rather hear or know, the truth or a lie?

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