Whats Love Got To Do With It?

If you happen to be reading this, I have a  couple of questions to ask you and this question happens to be only for those who are single, newly divorced or have been unfortunate enough to become a widow. When searching for a man or woman what determines or qualifies them to you as your potential spouse or mate? What is it that you actually look for? Is it the way they walk, talk, look or does the way they carry themselves really influence your decision making? Are you concern about their credit rating, financial stability, health,wealth or their height or weight? Do you only want to date a man or woman that has a religious background or would you prefer for him or her to have none at all? There are some women that are only after or looking for a man that happens to be the hard type. You know the thugs, so called gangsters, men in uniform or the athletic type or want a man that is gifted in bed.  If happen to be a woman do you only want to date or marry a man that makes lots of money? So that he can provide for you and then buy you all those expensive things you want or crave. Men are you only interested in a woman that has a nice figure, one that can cook, clean or a woman that is a freak in the sheets but also a lady in public. Or do you happen to be one of those type of people that are only interested in finding, someone that fits you like a glove, perfectly suited, equally yoked, your true love or soul mate?

 If you are ask yourself this question, when it comes to marriage or finding the right one to start a relationship with, What's love really got to do with it? After all love or great sex can't pay the bills, rent or the mortgage and it certainly can't keep you together or make you both happy. Your children or your family members will never be truly happy until you are and its sad to say the man or woman you have at home can be your worse enemy or someone you may never want to come home too. It's very  possible to love a person and then at the very same time hate or despise them. Why? Because some of the people we love do some of the craziest  things and some are just plain dumb or stupid! Many are very abusive or they lie or cheat,  don't take care of their business ,while others are very bad with their money. Then there are others that no matter what you do you can't get alone with them and they won't compromise or change their ways. There are certain men or women that have bad attitudes or ways that only a mother could love. The ones that really drive you crazy, are the ones that can't seem to stay out of trouble. They are always in jail, some are on drugs or drink too much and some just love the life of crime or can't exist without a little drama. Yes they may be good to you in other areas, but what good are they, if in the end you up being miserable or unhappy? If you happen to be reading this you may say, "Chuck I love them, he or she does have their good moments, at heart they are really good people, no one is perfect and they can change. Then my question would be to you, What's Love Got To Do With It? Is it really love, are you really just that lonely, have a low self esteem or is it just plain lust? Is that within itself really enough to make you happy for a lifetime? My motto has always been this; If you and your spouse can never find common ground or end up on the same page then your relationship or marriage is doom to fail. Yes love can heal a lot of wounds, but not even love can cure unhappiness. What's Love Got To Do With It? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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