When you look around at this beautiful Earth, rather you believe it was created by God or if you just happen to be one of those science type of people who believe that the Earth was created from thin air. You must admit the Earth is a beautiful place. Even from the space station above the beauty of the Earth is a site to behold. Yes there are some spots where the planet is ugly and those places happen to be tarnished by man. The spots not touched by man remain even in today's time beautiful. After observing this one thought should come to mind, why live on Earth or spend our time or lives living on it alone? What made me think about this subject, was when I got a message from a friend of mine, explaining to me that she rather live her life alone it kind of took me for a loop. Her reasons for choosing the life of solitude is because of her past experiences. Divorce, cheating men, disrespectful children, a complicated family life and on top of that having a hard time finding a job, made her not want to deal with people any more.

 The question, I would like to ask her is, don't you think the rest of us have lives like that? Everyone of us have had times in our lives that we rather not deal with people, but giving up should never be an option. Why? Because life will go on, with you or without you so why waste it by living in your past shadow? As hard as this may sound, all of us must put our past behind us and move forward. Hard times or bad people should only strengthen you or make you wiser and one should never have the desire to live alone. Our children, family members and even a potential spouse or mate could be lost in the process, because of the decision of living alone. After reading a text from my friend I was compelled to write this blog

  • My message to my friend or others is very simple, life should never change who you are, instead it should make you better than you were before. To be blessed or happy, one must become a blessed being or a happy person. Just because something's don't turn out like you may want it, doesn't mean it won't in the future. Like my late grandmother would always say, positive thoughts produce positive results, so stop thinking negatively. I been divorced, had my heart broken ,have been mistreated by some family members and have had my share of bad experiences, but I will never give up or even consider spending my life alone. Focus on God first, then yourself, then your family and in time you will get everything you hope for. Alone? I think not! No matter what you may think or feel you were never created or meant to be live alone. Alone? Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


princes griffin said…
along,not lonely!!!!not giving up on love,just waiting

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