If I Can't Have You........Then No One Else Will

If you every been in or had a bad relationship or marriage then you know sometimes after its over there are some very bitter feelings. The reason for this is because in most cases there was a lot of money spent, time invested and if the person they were with happen to leave them for someone else, then it really can become a problem. After its over bitter feelings, hate and sometimes even resentment settles in. Some people have been known to hate or despise their ex- boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses for a lifetime. What has always been funny to me is when a ex-spouse, (You know the one that has cheated on you and then left you for someone else) gets angry or mad when you move on with your own life. It makes you want to tell them, leave me alone! Stay out of my business! You had your chance and you let me go! Remember you didn't want me then and at that time I wasn't good enough for you. That is why you cheated on me with him or her? Right!  Do you remember? Isn't  it funny when you take someone from nothing, give them everything , including your heart or money and they never really appreciate what they had until its gone or they let you go.
What's so sad is that the man or woman they left you for, really doesn't measure up to you or your standards and in most cases they left you for someone with less class. Like a playboy or girl, thug, whore, tramp or someone that you would think is unworthy of their love.

What's so strange is that these people will have you questioning yourself or have you looking in the mirror, wondering what you did wrong or asking yourself why did he or she did this to me? Buts what funnier than that is when the relationship is over, you're divorced or separated , they always want to come back. And if you don't take them back or want them anymore, then some of them will do whatever it takes or within their power to ruin your future marriage or relationship. The question is whats the sudden interest now? Why do they really want to come back? Is it that they miss you or is it because they found out the man or woman that they are with now doesn't quite measure up to you? Or is it because they are afraid to see their exes happy? Another question I just have to ask,  why do some of them end up being stalkers? Hiding behind cars, calling your phone in the middle of the night then hanging up or  looking in your widows and some even have the nerve to follow you. Because of that you have to report them to the police, change the locks on your doors and even buy a weapon to protect yourself. Whats up with that? Its like, if I can't have you, then no one else will. Hmmm , Well maybe they should have thought about that before they let  you go. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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