Now You See!

Every now and then its good to laugh, have fun then enjoy life. After all if you can't enjoy yourself or the world you live in, whats the point to living? All work and no fun makes a dull, unhappy man or woman, so while you are living and able to have fun, by all means do it! Which brings me to the subject of today, Now You See. This subject came to mind when one of my grown children came over to beg for money. To me its real funny when you have a young lady or young man that you have raised to adulthood, coming over just to eat or beg you for money. Like you are obligated  or owe them something! I don't know whats wrong with today's children, because when I became a grown man I didn't expect my parents to take care of me. After all they did their job, they raised me, fed me and provided for me as a child. Now its their turn to enjoy the fruits of their labor and rest. But as you know our children today won't let us rest and many of them expect us to still take care of them after they are grown.

That is when I say to my grown children," Now you see why I told you to turn off those lights, to stop eating up all the food, to stay out of the refrigerator, save your allowance and why I couldn't buy you those expensive things you asked for. Now you see why I told you to go to school, study, get a job and save your money! Now you see why I told you to keep your thing, in your pants or your legs closed. Now you see why I asked you to respect my rules, to go to church, to respect your elders and to never break the law. Now you see what I was trying to tell you while I was raising you. No, I wasn't trying to be evil or mean  and even though you may have thought so. As you can now see everyone you thought was your friend isn't and when the chips are down I am the only one you can count on. I am that not that old or that out of touch, because now you are in the real world , you can now see that things cost and nothing in life is free. I was only doing for you what my parents did for me, preparing you for the outside world. So now you have what you asked for, you are grown, legal, 18 or 21 and free to be your own man or woman! Its hard out there! Its a crazy, dangerous world we live in! You now have to work for yours because things cost money and without an education or a plan life can become very difficult! I know you thought you knew it all, but now you see! You understand now! Even though you may think that I am made of money, I can't  and won't take care of you all of your life. Now you see! Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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