Question Of The Week( What Are You Willing To Live With?)

Sometimes in life those fairy tales do come true and the man or woman of your dreams is within your reach. Yes, you have beat all odds, got a little lucky and met the man or woman of your dreams. Everything you could have hoped for is all in this one person or package. They are beautiful or handsome, great in bed, have a awesome job or career and they love children. On top of that they are fun to be with, loves family and also have moral or spiritual values. Sounds too good to be true right? No one man or woman could possibly have everything a person could hope for right? Well I didn't say they were perfect, all I did say was that this person happen to have almost or 90 percent of what you are looking for. What I left out were their flaws, past mistakes or bad habits that you can only discover by living with them or by being married them. That is when you find out that this so called perfect man or woman isn't quite perfect at all.

 The question is when you find out the facts or learn about their deepest secrets, what is it that you are willing live with? What flaws are you willing to compromise with, in order to keep the man or woman of your dreams?As you think about these two questions ask yourself this could you live with a man or woman who isn't neat, clean or with someone who has some very nasty habits? What if they snored so loud that they kept you up at night? What if  you met a man or woman that were so lazy or spoiled that they felt that its not their duty to cook or clean? What if they smoked, drank alcohol or beer, hang out with the fellas or girls late night or on the weekends?What if they were Mamma's boy or daddy's little girl?What if they were very spoiled and they always wanted to get their way? What if their thoughts, feelings, opinions, political or spiritual beliefs were different from your own? What if they didn't believe in God, didn't attend church and they don't get alone with family?What if they only wanted to do it, make love or have sex on certain days or only on the weekends? Are you willing to live with it?Could you handle it?  Its a known fact that some of us have been blessed with or have had a very good man or woman in our lifetimes.But couldn't handle or deal with their habits,  faults or flaws. Even though all of us happen to have some type of  flaw or habits of our own, most aren't willing to deal with others bad ways or habits. The question is what are you willing to live with in order to keep the man or woman of your dreams? Write in, then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.
Have a great weekend,


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