Are You To Demanding?

Picture this, God has blessed you with the man or woman of your dreams but something doesn't seem quite right. This person happens to be drug, crime, disease free, sex is awesome, have looks that would make any man or woman fall in love just by the sight of them and they also attend church on Sundays. They also happen to be hard workers, that take good care of their body and has a great relationship with their family. On top of that he or she happens to be a great cook, that also enjoys working in the yard and loves children. Sounds too good to be true right and this person can't exist? Right? The answer to that question is yes, there are lots of good men or women out there just like what I described, but they aren't perfect. Why? Well because I left out a few things on purpose, that would have made this type of man or woman perfect just too get you thinking.

 Men or women will never be perfect and even though we want it all or everything in that special one person, it will never exist. Now back to what would have made them perfect. They are not great in bed, have a personality only a mother could love, they are not beautiful or handsome, they are to tall, too short or over weight, they don't have strong religious or moral beliefs and at times they can be a little demanding. Shocking, I know and even if the man or women of your dreams, happen to have almost everything  you may want, they will never have it all. Why? Because just like yourself, they are  imperfect with faults or imperfections. The question is Are You To Demanding or are you expecting to much? When in truth the man or woman you happen to love or be involved with is just as flawed as you are. The question is do you expect more from your spouse or mate than you do of yourself? I know there are some men or women out there that hate admitting that they have faults. On top of that most aren't willing to do what it takes to keep their signfigant other happy in or out of the bedroom. Then there are some that feel that they are perfect and being that they feel that way they expect the same from others. If you happen to be one of these people, just face facts, you are to demanding and it the end you will end up very unhappy and alone for the rest of your life! Are You To Demanding? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


Anonymous said…
Chuck, you have me in deep thought now. Am I demanding? I know what I don't want in a relationship as it pertains to my negative experiences in my past. Now I have to look beyond my experiences and ask my self "What will I but up with?" I know I'm not vain at all, physical appearance is not important to me but character is. As I think of a couple of people's relationships, I ask myself the following questions? How many "buts" will I put up with? He has the character that I like in a man but he doesn't like to go anywhere or likes to dress up, just the homey type. Hmmmm, will I be happy with that or just settle for going places without him or he likes to make money but don't like to spend it, he's not as romantic as I like. Is that too petty or does that fall under being too demanding? These things just came to mind that I never thought about. I know enjoying my life with someone is more important to me than vain tangible things. I have taken some unrealistic things off "my list" which was brought to my attention by a man. I'm not perfect nor do I expect another to be. It's just asking yourself how much compromising am I willing to accept to live a peaceful life with someone, well accept a person as they are. Time for another self examination. Lynette
Charles Holmes said…
Hi Lynette,
I enjoy reading your comments and you are my most loyal reader, because you are brave enough to leave comments. Anyway, to address some of your comments, I like that you admit you try not to be vain, while at the same time you do so in a manner that keep from compromising yourself or standards. I just have a question to ask you and my readers, if we go into something expecting the unrealistic, don't we already doom the relationship or marriage for failure? Why can't two people fall in love without expecting a thing allowing the relationship to flow, then grow naturally? After all love is suppose to be kind, patent and understanding. If we just practice these small simple things, then maybe each of us will have successful relationships or marriages.
Anonymous said…
Chuck, the answer to your question is Yes. Unrealistic is in the same category as perfection, you will end of being disappointed. Many people are unrealistic about what they want in a relationship but I find that some relationship fail because people don't want to compromise due to their selfish attitudes. There are things some people won't tolerate while others see it as no big deal. Last week my supervisor made me realize something about myself that I don't let things bother me. I just accept the changes, take the initiative and move on while others complain and not want to venture into something new. I can get along with anyone, in a relationship I would look forward to experiencing new things or at least try something one time. I've shared some things with people about what's not important to me in a relationship and was told I'm too nice and would settle for less than what I deserve. I just don't ask for a lot just love me, treat me nice with respect, show me your trustworthy, then a relationship can start building with the expectation of enjoying a life together. I think that's simple enough. All the other stuff should just fall in place. A lot of people can say what they want in a relationship but never say what they would give or give up. Love should never be so complicated. Lynette

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