After The Breakup Or Divorce

You have decided that the man or woman you are with or married too isn't the person for you and it isn't working out. You have grown tired of the arguments, many disagreements, lies, games, drama and it seems the fighting has gotten out of hand. If you don't breakup, seperate as soon as possible or get a divorce somebody is going to be hurt and one of us may not make it to tell their side of the story.The threats, physical or emotional abuse is more than one person can handle and the moment or time has come for it to end. The hand writing is on the wall, you have made the decision to breakup or now  have made plans to get a divorce. As you must know breaking up or getting a divorce isn't a easy thing to do. All those moment spent together now will be wasted away and now it time to start all over, alone or all by yourself. But before you do ask yourself these questions, what is the price I will or my children have to pay for my decision? What are the consequences for my actions? Will I face financial hardship and even if I don't, what type of settlement what form of payment or child support will I have to pay or accept for my freedom? Will I loose my car, house or will I even loose my  life savings ? Will I be able to see my children again and will they have to live without their father or mother who has moved on? What type of future am I subjecting myself to and will my children adjust, like it or will they suffer because of it? Will my children be hate me or respect my decision? What will I do with myself, being lonely without a man or woman to share those special moments with, After The Breakup Or Divorce?

These are the questions that many of us never take time to ponder or think about ,because during these times we are either angry, hurt or very emotional. Feelings are often ragging out of control and once the decision has been made there is no turning back. Why? Because words were exchanged, feelings were hurt and sometimes trust was betrayed. Or maybe, just maybe you both have found someone else that doesn't quite measure up to what you both left behind. Even if you wanted to come back or turn back the hands of time, you couldn't or wouldn't. Why? Because you have told your co-workers, family or friends, lawyers are involved  and besides that your pride is in the way. You may say to yourself, there is no way I will go back to that no good #$%$#% or subject myself or my children to anymore suffering. The decision has been made and its time to breakup, move on or to get a divorce. You now have to find a place to stay, move on and start life all over again. After The Breakup Or Divorce!

 Now you walk down an uncertain future, that not even the best prophet or most skilled psychic can predict and now you are truly on your own. If you are at this moment thinking about breaking up with, then divorcing your mate or spouse, do yourself and your children a favor by thinking about it very carefully. Be prepared for the unexpected or the worse because in time it's bound to happen.Why? Because most breakups or divorces aren't very pleasant, can be a very trying experience and can be down right nasty. Many people have been known to become violent, while other people have been known to turn mean, nasty and evil. As sad as this may sound, most people change to someone else ,when it comes to getting custody of the children, visitation rights, property settlements or when money is involved. Many forget about the love or friendship they once shared, once courts or lawyers are involved. Always remember after the breakup or divorce, that is when the real battle begins. Even though what I have expressed in this blog may sound or seem horrible many times breaking up with someone or divorcing them may be for the best. Write in if you happen to be going through divorce, thinking about filing for one or have already been through the process. Breakups or divorce can be an ugly experience, but if planned properly it can be a very pleasant experience for the both of you. Allow my team at Q&A with Chuck to help you through these trying or troubling times," After The Breakup Or Divorce".


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