Confidence Or Swagger !!

Its doesn't matter where you come from or where you live, without confidence in yourself, people will  always run over you or attempt to use you in some type of way. Since Alpha men and women are natural predators that happen to be on top of the food chain , there will always be a battle between each of them or with those who happen to be weaker. Then there will also be a battle between their own sexes, colors or races. Men will always try to out do other men and women will , always attempt or try to do the same. But through it all only the strongest willed or the one with the most courage will prevail. My advice to anyone who may read this, expect to be challenged , then know this life will always have many obstacles and people will always try to test you. The one that is able to over come them the most and doesn't allow the problems of the world to stop them , will always rise to the top. Men or women with loads of confidence or swagger always will be successful or have their way. Why? Because most confident people, always think positive and when they walk into a room their swagger consumes just about everything or everyone in it ! A very confident person never allows anything or anyone to keep from being in a good mood and they always get over their failures very quickly. They are quick thinkers, very well spoken, well mannered, strong, a little determined, stubborn and are always looking for an opportunity. Confident people always walk into open doors and aren't afraid to take chances or risks while others allow doubt, fear or other people's thoughts or opinions cloud their judgement. That's because they don't have any type of Confidence Or Swagger in them!!

 If you happen to be reading this and your aren't really happy with your life , relationship status or unhappy at your job, its maybe because you lack Confidence or Swagger to do anything about it. If you don't yet have those abilities or skills don't worry it can still happen, all you need is a plan. My advice to you would be, to a hard look into the mirror, then say from this very day moment, That I will always be confident and nothing not even myself, will stand in my way. Then say these words, " I am who I am and I will never allow anyone to change or disrespect me, because I am my own man or woman! As a matter of fact, you should expect nothing less than respect, then go after your dreams. After all we are all human and no one is greater than the other. People that are very successful or happy are only that way, because they leave their house expecting nothing more or less and also because they really believe in themselves . All you have to do is be more like them and if that doesn't work for you, then try something new or be original. All you need is a little more confidence, with a taste of swagger, then you will be on your way to a happy life and a very successful career. Don't be afraid give Confidence Or Swagger a try, the choice is yours and it is your life! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Until then have a great day,


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