One of the hardest part of any relationship or marriage is keeping your other half happy, meeting , then satisfying their needs and understanding then helping to solve or resolve their current or past emotional issues. It hard enough trying to balance that while making sure that you are also taken care of and happly also, but the number one issues facing all couples today is Temptation. In other words doing your best to make sure that the man or woman you love doesn't have wondering eyes for someone other than yourself. Which means even though one may have found a man or woman they can trust and if they or their spouse has got over their trust issues or insecurities those problems are replaced with doubt or worry. I know there are some who may have happen to reading this blog, may think or  feel that if someone takes their man or woman then they were never theirs in the first place and that part I agree with completly. But when it comes to finding a new spouse or someone to love the competition for a good man or woman is at an all time high, that is why there are so many dating or single sites doing record amount of business. Its a known fact that good men or women are very hard to find these days and even if one finds one, they must face the fact that their new spouse or current love is desired or wanted by thousand and even millions of very aggressive singles.

 In fact it has gotten so bad that in some major cities such as New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Orleans, La's Vegas and many others around the world women out number single eligible men in some of them 20-1. I was quoted by one of my readers that where she lives Atlanta, Georgia, by saying" Women here are like wolves she said and its sad to say but now I have to be concerned about gay men chasing after my man! Thank God I have faith that my new love isn't bisexual, but those man hungry women are out of control! They don't respect that you have a boyfriend and don't care if your man is in relationship or married! These hoes here are so disrespectful that they often approach your man even while you are out with them in public or at the mall so I can only imagine how they would act when I am away from him. It makes me so sick Chuck because every time I am with my man in public they look at him like a peace of meat and I even hear rumors or whispers that my female co-workers at work are even interested in him. Please don't think that I am insecure about my relationship Chuck, because I do trust my man, its those stank @#@%$ women I am worry about! Chuck I really need some advice what do I do when my man faces Temptation? Please help a sister out, please!! LOL

Stacy the only true way I can answer your question is by saying this, if you are confident that you are doing the right things, everything possible to keep your man, happy, fulfilled, satisfied and if your man trust you completely, then you have nothing to be concerned about. The old saying is you wouldn't want someone that nobody else wants or is attracted too. Some men or women take pride that they have a very attractive spouse , some often brag to their family, close friends or even to their co-workers on how good their spouse is and there are the rare few that will tell others how good their spouse was or is in bed. The flip side of that coin is now that you have a good man you have to do everything possible and whats required to keep him. If you are unsure where you stand in your relationship or marriage just ask these simple questions; Are you happy? Am I everything you want or need? Is there anything that I can do to improve our friendship, relationship, as lovers, best friends or future soul-mates for life? If your other half is really seroius about being with you, then they wouldn't have a problem answering these questions. Those who are afraid to ask, are afraid of the answer and those who are afraid to answer, are afraid of the results. I understand that you live in a city that's highly competitive when it comes to finding a man, you just have to trust your man and have faith that he can avoid riggers of being tempted or Temptation. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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