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As you may know ,dating these days can be very complicated and the real reason for that is because technology has made our lives very busy. Instead of making some of our lives easier, it has in fact complicated things even more. Now people hardly have the time to date, meet or even get to know each other in person, because most are busy staring at their cell phones or smart devices. And if that isn't bad enough now computers has shrunk down to miniature size.(I-Pads, I-Pad Mini and others) Electronic devices have taken over our lives and now they are even at our dinner tables. Now instead of socializing people are now texting or instant messaging each other. That is one of the reasons why Internet dating has become so popular. The question is Internet dating safe, practical and can one trust it to find then meet the man or woman of their dreams? Can they believe or trust the person that's on the other side of the computer screen? Can one trust the other person's motives or intentions? I have been asked this question many times by my readers, which did I prefer , meeting someone in person then dating them or as the old folks would say courting or Internet dating? My answer to these questions are simple, for today's time Internet dating is the best way  for busy hard working mothers or fathers and especially for business professionals. Why? Because if used properly one can weed out the bad ones and with a little hope or prayer, find themselves a very good spouse. Just like everything else these days internet dating isn't perfect, that's why I advise anyone who uses these website to be very careful. Before dating or meeting anyone online they first should use the obvious protections. Google, Yahoo, Face Book and MSN all have instant messengers on them. All of them are free and can be used to see or hear the person that you are interested in dating. For those without a computer, there is a free app called Tango, with this app one can see or hear the person they are interested in. If they are unwilling to use these forms of communication, I highly recommend anyone to stop chatting with them, because this is a very huge red flag. There are a lot of scammers out there that are only after your money, they could be married or have some other hidden agenda. Don't let this discourage you because I know of at least 35 of my true friend's, who have found true love on the Internet and many of them are now happily married. Today's question comes from another new reader about online dating. She is seeking a mans point of view of a person she met on a online dating site.

Here's the situation...
A guy approaches a woman on an online dating site.  They flirt back and forth via the chat room of the site.  The woman asks the guy are you really single?  He replies, I will be once the lease is up.  She decides its an honest answer for now and continues to flirt with the guy.  After a little time has passed, the guy asks the woman could they exchange numbers.  They exchange numbers and the games begin.  The guy sends text messages right away and even sends a few pictures.  The newly joined friends still flirt back and forth via text messages.  The guy asks the woman for a few pictures of herself.  The woman happily obliges.  Soon after the two were talking, texting and flirting on the phone every day or every other day. This continued off and on for almost a year.  Then all of a sudden, the text messages and phone calls are exchanged less and less. The woman sends text messages to the guy but receives no responses at all or no responses sometimes for days at a time.  The woman decides she doesn't want to waste anymore time on this guy and deletes his number and pictures. A few months go by which gives the woman a chance to forget about the guy. Then one day the guy sends a text message to the woman simply saying, Hello. She doesn't recognize the number at first.  The guy quickly sends another text using words he has sent to her before and all the memories of the guy come back to the woman. The text messages and phone calls are exchanged hot and heavy between the two again. Then the guy expresses how much he has missed the woman. And he explains how he has to talk to her every day and wants to meet real soon.  Well, the first and second dates to meet the guy sets are not met. The first time he said that he had to work. An emergency meeting came up with his family the next time. The two continued to talk and text everyday. The ultimate moment comes. The two meet on the birthday weekend of the woman for a movie and a meal.The two feel the chemistry between them during the whole date. At the end of the date, the guy asks the woman for a kiss on the lips. She allows him to kiss her on the cheek and gives him a hug. The talking and texting ends. 
What do you think Chuck?
Seeking a Real Man's Point of View

This letter is very easy to answer, I don't know if he is married, but my feeling is that he is still involved with someone he is not happy with. Some men when they are unhappy look for something new or better while seeking a way out of their current situation. Many time people get themselves in complicated relationships and the reason they become that way is because they haven't finished what they started. Its my opinion that your friend is still involved with someone but hasn't found a way out yet to devote all his time with you. My advice to you or to anyone who may read this, always tell a person upfront what you are looking for. That way if they disappoint you and don't give you what you need, then you know that they are only wasting your time. A real mans point of view, move on and find someone  new or that is worthy of your time. Check them out first and you to can become the next online dating success story. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Until then have a great week,


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