If you happen to be reading this and are wondering to yourself or even asking yourself, what is the real purpose for this website? My answer to you is simple, its a relationship website, that deals with personal relationships. If you happen to have problems with your children, family , friends or even your man or woman, this is a place where you can get answers to any question that may come your way. No I am not Steve Harvey or even Oprah Winfrey and it always amazed me why people would watch or listen to these two people. I am not hating on either of them, but when it comes to love, marriage or relationships,but what do they really have in common with the average citizen? Both are rich, one has been married over a million times and the other doesn't seem to know how to hold or keep a man. Relationship experts!?! I think not! Rich, very rich yes! Well at least I have I have something in common with my readers, I am poor or middle class, living from one pay check until the next and I have been in many failed relationships. Being that I been through just about it all, I have found out what I have done wrong and also what I have done right. Also I listen or watched  some very wise people such as my late grandmother, a very loving mother, a father that is wise beyond his years and a woman who has been married for over fifty years for advice. I combined all their knowledge together along with my own personnel experiences to form this blog. I try to answer questions of the heart and this weeks question comes from a new reader, who was introduced by another. For that I thank you and now I will try to answer her question.

Good Evening Chuck,
 My cousin Carol informed me of your relationship blog I find to be very informative and helpful. If you can help me with a situation I have at hand, I would greatly appreciate your  advice. I am currently involved in a relationship with a guy who is different in his own way. I would like for him to become more independent and financially stabled, particularly, a  better job.The young man has great potential and is capable of doing just about anything when he put his mind to it. However, he is employed as a security guard making pennies and unhappy because he know he can do more--just not using his maximum potential.I try my best to help him by motivating  and encouraging him to apply for other job openings with benefits but he just don't take the next step to progress. Chuck, what else should I do to help him to prosper?

Thank you Ms. Nevette for becoming a reader,
As for as your question," how do you help your man prosper"? Its been my experience when we are searching for love or when trying to find the perfect person, the man or woman we eventually end up with a person we are not happy or satisfied with. Either they don't have a job or they happen to be on fixed income or they may be to tall, short, skinny, over weight or lack ambition. Some people just don't know what it means to be ambitious and that is when loving people come in, then try to mold or shape them into the man or woman of their dreams. I call these type of relationships projects. This is when you take a person you like, then clean them up, dress them up, educate them, feed them, motive or transform them into the man or woman of your dreams. Sounds like you are raising a child, doesn't it?(smile) In a way it is and in some instances they eventually leave like your children. That's why I always advise anyone who gets involved with a man or woman they have to motivate or inspire to always be careful. Because those same shoes you bought them, will be used to walk away from you when the time is right. That being said, not all men or women walk away and a lot of them stay, then become good spouses for their mates. How do you help him prosper? By loving him, being patient, talking to him, not at him and by doing what you have already obviously been doing, being supportive. Give him time, keep showing him love or the way, keep believing in him, that way he will believe in himself, then always pray for him and eventually he will turn out to be the man of your dreams. He is a work in progress or your project, because in a way each one of us started off by being Projects! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Have a great weekend,


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