As a blog writer , a person that enjoys meeting new people and as someone who happens to be well traveled, I am always asked some very funny, stupid or even strange questions. From my experience I have determined that when it come to the subject called love marriage or relationships, most people these days really don't have a clue.Why would I make such a statement? Because before a marriage or relationship can begin there are certain  people that may put up walls or obstacles between them and the person they are interested in before it begins. Some my bring with them their old baggage which is their past hurts, pains or struggles, while others find doubt, look or seek a problem before the relationship or marriage begins. Then there are the really extreme people who look for Signs, like someone being bow- legged, short or tall, big feet or booty, four leaf clovers, lucky numbers or even zodiac signs to determine if a man or woman is good enough for them to love. Call me old fashion, but I think people who believe in those type of things are either strange, weird, crazy , dumb or simply loosing their minds and maybe they should consider checking themselves in a mental institution.(smile, I am just kidding) I for one never believed in those things and I always believed that true love, forms when two willing people unite with the ideal of becoming one or even greater than they were before.

 Where can love be found you may ask? Anywhere, everywhere, any space or place and sometimes in places, that none would expect. Love is like that, very unpredictable or strange, color blind, uncertain and one never knows when they may fall in love with a strange face or person that they never met before.The question I have been asked is there a Sign or a way one can tell if they found the man or woman of their dreams? One person even asked me about zodiac Signs and another asked me about sexual attraction. They asked me if the man or woman were of a different Sign or someone they attracted to sexual could be someone they would love? My answer to them both was simple, true love has nothing to do with sexual attraction or even a zodiac Sign, after all love begins with the eyes, emulates through the body and then ends with the heart.What makes one think that zodiac symbols or anything else has anything to do with love?

This question comes from a young lady who happens to live in the great state of Georgia. She asks the question could she love someone with her same Sign. She met a man online that she really like, both of them happen to be Virgos and for some reason she believe that just because they were born in the same month, that they might not be compatible. My answer to her or to anyone who may read this, stop being so naive or gullible! True love is color blind! It doesn't have a class, race or Sign and neither will guarantee true love. I am sorry fellas or ladies ! No it isn't the size of a person private parts, their good looks, the car they may drive or even the size of their bank account that makes a person fall in love. After all true love comes from within, which is the heart or when two willing souls decide to become more than friends or lovers. If you are really looking or searching for true love, then remove the barriers, obstacle's or walls from in front of your eyes or mind and allow your heart to find true love because if or when you do maybe you will be able to see the Sign called love. Signs!! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
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Anonymous said…
Love, a word we use too loosely so often. Many say it and don't really know what it means. True love will be seen in a person. Many people use or say the word love but it is insecurity in themselves, a broken heart or lust. How can you say you love a person that you only saw the outside physical appearance for 5 minutes. No conversation, no prior knowledge of the person. So many of us get caught up with how a person look on the outside, materialistic things they have (cars, money, clothes, etc.). This kind of person is looking to obtain things not treasure love that radiates from within a real loving person. We are not honest in our motives of what we really want. Looking and searching for love or anything in life usually causes heartache, heart break, debt, stress, anger, you name it. One must love themselves first before they can love anyone else. Just my opinion....

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