What Do Men Really Expect Or Want?

Recently I was invited to a local, blogger and book convention. It was a wonderful experience being around people who appreciate your craft or work and also shared the same passion when it comes to creating, then writing or owning your own website. After the convention was over a group of young ladies asked me about one of my blogs (Q&A With Chuck). All of them seem to enjoy it, because it gave free relationship advice, then talked about love, family, relationships and marriage. Then out of the blue one of them asked me, What is it that men really want and why are so many men so reluctant to fall in love? Then I asked her why would, you think men are reluctant to fall in love? Before she could answer me another one of the other ladies chimed in then said, she has been married for years and her husband won't even touch her. Then another one looked at me, then said," Chuck I have been over weight  for 5 years and now I have lost over 100 pounds". I don't know where to start because I haven't had a date or been laid in years.

 Then I said, hold up ladies! Not all at once! I am not Steve Harvey!(smile) What is it that you ladies really want? Then one of them asked me this question, "What is it that you men really want out of a woman?" I have been in and out of relationships(she explained) for years and still haven't found the right man for me. Then I asked them were they looking for a man or were they letting the men pursue or come after them? Then all of them said what I have heard a lot of women say," When they let a man come after or pursue them its always the wrong one".(Mister Broke, Desperate, Horny,Thug or Wrong) Like many women do today, they go after men they are interested in , by going on blind dates, searching for them at a night club or bar or by finding one online through a dating site. One of the women said, "Chuck I have tried everything, from looking for one in church, going on blind dates, looking for them in the mall and I have also tried to find one over the Internet". It seems these days that there are no good men to be found. Then she said, ,most men today are either died, gay, married or incarcerated! There are no good men to be found!

 Then I looked at them and said don't you realize that men are going through the same things as you women ? Its not easy for us I explained, to find a woman that will love us and except you for who you are. If you ladies think that men have it easy finding a good woman, because women out number men in most cases 10-1, then you are fooling yourselves. Men do have special desires, needs and wants just like you women. We may not show our feelings or emotions the way that  most women do or the way some of you women may expect. But in most cases our desires, wants or thoughts are the same as women. Its just hard for a man to find most of what he may want in just one woman.

 What Do Men Really Expect Or Want from a woman? First to be love, then respected for who we are, drama or worry free, we also would like our women to be unselfish and in the end, when all else fails to be there when they are needed. Most of the men I have talked to, love a woman who will be there for them through the thick or thin, through the good times, as well the bad. Each man that spoke to when it was concerning their needs, really wanted a woman they could truly count on. What men disliked or hate the most is when women compare them to their past men or to other past men in their former lives and every man I know really hates to argue, fuss or fight in anyway. One man I talked to put it mildly, when he said, "Don't ask me to pay your bills , give you money or fix things around your home, because I don't know you and just met you. Besides the fact if I like you or care enough about you I will do those things on my own. Also please realize this I have my own bills to pay and also I had a life before you ,so don't expect me to change it, because you just walked into my life. If you want my attention, respect or love, you must earn it, just as you would expect form me. But if we are together as one or a couple, any lady that comes into my life must know that the key to my heart is not food, sex or money,  it's their devotion. Its also knowing that you appreciate me for what I do and who I am. Some women he went on to say, take for granted that a man works hard for his money and just expect him to give it unconditionally. Man I say to my woman its, your love or respect that will keep me with you, not your body and your mouth or some of the things you say will run me away! If I want to give you something you don't have to ask for it, if I love and respect you. Please! He went on to say talk to me, not at me! I can't stand a woman that loves to argue, fuss or complain! If you have a problem come to me like a woman , then I'll respect you as your man. When he said those words, I said to myself, I have to write that in my next blog, because what he was saying was real. This is how most men feel! If a woman really wants a man to love them, appreciate them or notice them and in the end commit to them. Then they must earn that mans respect, don't start argument's, love him unconditionally, find a way to touch his mind, body or soul and then share his dreams, that way they shall have him forever. What Do Men Really Expect Or Want? To be loved, respected and treated like a man or King. That isn't so hard or too much to ask is it? Ladies? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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