Color Blind

As an African American, I have faced or confronted racist people all of my life. Some people of the opposite race often feel that if someone from my race is successful, its because some from my race happen to be athletes, rappers, singers or drug dealers. What most of these people fail to realize is that there are many very successful African Americans, that don't use their athletics or vocal cords to make a living and there are a large amount of us that went to school, then got an education to further themselves financially. Those people I can deal with, because as my mother would put it, you can't teach stupid or ignorance, that has to be earned. The ones that bother me are some of my own people from my own race, who get mad when others are racist, when in fact they are racist themselves! After all we all live in a very diverse or racially mixed country, there is no reason for anyone who lives in it, to be racist. In fact all of us should  be Color Blind. The fact is most Americans are mixed with different races, even our own U.S.  President and in the activities that most citizens participate in ,are mixed with different races.(The Armed Services, College or Professional Sports, Politics and others)

What brought this subject to my attention is when I received a tweet from a friend from Twitter. In her tweet she expressed her anger at a singer who happens to be black ,(John Legend) because he married someone from the opposite race. In her tweet she said, that when black men become successful, they often marry someone white or from another race. In her own words, black women must not be good enough for successful black men. Being that I am from a racially  mixed or diverse family I take issue with her or any other women that may feel this way. My reasons are simple, first of all we are all from the same race the human race and love is color blind. No one can choose who they love or where they come from and true love comes from the heart. Those who fall in love with someone because of their appearance, race or for what they may posses often latter divorce or separate. Why? Because real love is color blind and comes from within or from the heart. My advice to anyone seeking true love, never allow a persons race from keep you from finding then loving the man or woman of your dreams.Remember, language, nationally, culture, appearances are not important things, the only thing that's important is the Heart or pure Love. For true love is Color Blind. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Until then have a great week,


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